Monday, August 2, 2010


"Midshipman Blane" as fancied and drawn by "Big Russell"
reanimated by Tom in Oz

"Big Russell" T. Davies originally called "Little Russell" Tovey's character "Midshipman Blane" but realised it didn't sound "sexy" enough. After a few Chardonnays and a good lie down it was changed to "Midshipman Alonso Frame". Davies also wrote in his book The Writer's Tale, "Midshipman Blane should be as sexy as hell," and added, "He could be played by Russell Tovey or someone posh like Lee Williams." Russell Tovey was not the only contender for the part originally. The animated picture below is a re-working of the original found in the can tell it was not drawn as Russell - the ears are a clue!

Below: Russell Tovey as "Midshipman Frame". The picture is from the book The Writer's Tale. The book is still available to purchase in paperback.

Russell T. Davies was responsible for 5 years of Dr Who production and has left major shoes to fill. He is currently developing Torchwood (Dr Who spin-off) on a world scale. The character of Alonso Frame has not been confirmed for inclusion in the new format of Torchwood.

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