Sunday, August 8, 2010


Russell Tovey in "George's Prequel."


George is staying in a retreat in Scotland. An American tourist is filming outside and befriends George. The American wants to go film the nearby loch. He asks George who's out for a stroll to take him along. It's getting dark but George has a map. They get accidentally off course and lost. George is constantly annoyed that the American is filming it all - he even has night vision switched on. They hear a hideous noise in the encroaching dark. They panic and George screams (of course). George uses his mobile to phone the lobby to send someone out to get them. Before help arrives there is a viscous attack. The American is disembowelled and George is wounded across his shoulder with an almighty set of claw marks. The men from the retreat arrive in time to rescue George who is bleeding profusely. George is now a werewolf. His attacker is at large.

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