Monday, August 9, 2010


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9-8-2010 ForeverBossy26:
Love George, Mitchell and Annie on Being Human and I have a major crush on Russell Tovey *sigh*.

9-8-2010 Jezza1042: i mean a GDL/Russell Tovey, who kldnt love him?! xD proof that TW and DW with a hint of being human, ST, n ect r taking ova my brain! O.O XD

9-8-2010 JRRnotTolkien: So, even if James Marsters won't be on the coming season of Torchwood, how about Russell Tovey as Alonso? Eh? EH? Capt. Jack liked him...

10-8-2010 Lionesskeeper: liked a YouTube video -- Russell Tovey Being Human...with a wicked new end! Click link:

10-8-2010 Caitak: 99% certain we walked past Russell Tovey playing with his phone on Carnaby Street. Heading back now. So hot!

10-8-2010 N2F79: I really enjoy Russell Tovey in Being Human.

10-8-2010 hauntcub: I wanna have Russell Tovey's children. He's so adorable.

10-2-2010 hirogen101: Russell Tovey from Being Human is my new boyfriend...and he's gay! Win!!

10-2-2010 xoaninho: My imaginary boyfriend (the nerd I'm currently in love with) ... RUSSELL TOVEY

1-3-2009 thesournurse: Still on the Russell Tovey post. God, so hot.

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