Friday, September 24, 2010


Cameos in Being Human season three

Above: Ryan with Russell Tovey.

The Being Human team are working on making their production team an integral part of the storyline for season three. Ryan normally works as a production hand but he's been given a cameo in a scene in episode two. The scene is set in a hospital and the cast are in scrubs.

Above: Toni walks through BH season three background shot

Toni is one of the long term fans of Being Human. She was there from the start having been one of the many protagonists that kept up a campaign to get the series of Being Human made after the pilot had aired. She was recently invited to have a cameo and got to walk behind main cast members at their new house in Barry Wales...the "Fry's" house.

Above: Cocoa Cameo (courtesy of Kinkyclawz)

The new season three Being Human house has a famous company sign which is making a cameo. Do you want "Fry's" with that?

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