Saturday, September 25, 2010


Russell Tovey's Bookshelf

What you may not have known is that Russell is an avid reader. He recently joined twitter and tweets regularly about the numerous books he has read and loved.

Laura, one of his fans, has set up a new site encouraging fans to register their recommendations.

Russell's suggestions and reviews will be a part of this site.

The point of this book club is to read and discuss the books that Russell Tovey has read/is reading...hence the name "Russell Tovey's Bookshelf".

The link will be accessible on the list of links to the right of the blog's main page, so you can always visit this site quickly to check at any time.

I commend Laura for starting this site - being a teacher myself I know how important it is to promote reading and the love of literature.

Click link:

Grumpylaura: @Tom_In_Oz_ Many Thanks for helping spread the word about the bookclub! When more people join up we can start discussing! :)

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