Friday, September 24, 2010


Tovey tweets rhetorical question...

It doesn't make sense to me why so many people respond to Russell Tovey's rhetorical questions on Twitter. Tonight (24-9-2010), Russell sent out a question and within 2 mins 35 replies had rolled in (I gave up looking when the replies reached over 3000). About 35 mins later Mr Tovey wrote an answer to his own question...the cost of the thousands of tweets made lots of money for the phone companies...I hope Russell gets a commission!

russelltovey: Should I get a dominos? Hmmm? X

1. Should I get a dominos? Hmmm? X" YES. Silly question

2. The answer to that is ALWAYS yes!!!

3. Great minds think alike. Just had a Veggie Supreme but with Pepperoni and pineapple. Is this wrong?

4. Double decadence base, sausage, pepperoni, olives and bacon. It's a classic

5. Yes you should get a dominos! :)

6. Just an FYI - but I am getting dominos tonight. Just so you know. Enjoy

7. Well now I want a domino's thanks Russell x

8. DO IT! I just had half Hawaiian/half meateor and it was LUSH

9. Always a yes to dominos but only if I can get one too :-)

10.Yeh it's Friday. Treat yourself. I had alphabet spaghetti on toast with my kid

11.U should NEVER get dominos!!!

12.Pizza hut much better!

13.Do it. They are delicious!

14.A big Smokey is the way to go.

15.I would if I were you x

16.Oh, to have been your pizza delivery boy!


18.Do it!!Can I have a slice if I ask nicely? X

19.The answer is *always* yes.

20.Get Papa Johns. More tasty.

21.I had a Pizza Hut... Obviously a night for pizza!

22.Only ever got a dominos on a Tuesday... any other day you're just paying twice as much as you need too, it's just wrong ;-)

23.The answer is always yes! x

24.Yes. Large pepperoni passion with roquito peppers (v important).

25.Yes! And save me a slice please. BBQ chicken is the way to go, dominator base!

26.Yes and a garlic bread.......

27.Ummmmm pepperoni passion :-)

28.No, evil man that dominos man is. get a diff pizza instead please xx

29.Good Actor. Cute. Plugs Himself... Now That's Talent.

30.Don't get pizza hut!

31.Resist the urge!

32.What's ur fav pizza then? What you fancying?

33.Mmmmm yeh deffo x

34.But Friday is Fish day.

35. No, you can't beat fish and chips!

russelltovey: I buckled me wittys!!! Thanks for your advice. Hawaiian x amazing x

cotland the rave...

Currently 4 days into my 80 days in the UK. In my first week here we've gone from flooding rains and cold weather to sunshine and shorts...below is me soaked to the bone on day 1 in Glasgow and on day 4 above is me at West Calder near Livingston just after a superb lunch at the Railway Inn. We had a 3 course meal which included shepherds pie - made with beef - so technically not correct - should be lamb - Mrs Oz loved it!

My wife's family come from Blackburn and Livingston so today we went around looking for headstones and "living" cousins. Singer Susan Boyle grew up in the same village so today the locals kept telling us that my wife may be related...

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