Thursday, August 12, 2010


Him+Her and Q+A

Tuesday 07 September 2010

18:30 TV Preview: Him+Her

Princess Anne Theatre 195 Piccadilly

London, United Kingdom W1J 9LN

Him & Her, is a new comedy series starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani on BBC Three.

Steve and Becky are Him & Her. All they want to do is drink, eat and have sex - so they do. They don't want to get a job - so they don't.

We watch their endless days of nothing played out in minute detail, warts-and-all, in real time as they exist together in Steve's bedsit, happy and ambition-free, milking the state.

People visit and they can't get rid of them quickly enough. Dan finds reasons to come down from upstairs, lonely and looking for love. Becky's sister Laura pops round with her loveably psychotic fiancé. They have to deal with each other's parents. All they want is to be left alone.

Him & Her reveals the hilarious and often shocking truth of what really goes on behind the bedroom doors of today's 20-somethings. And, to be honest, today's 30-somethings. And 40-somethings. And 50-somethings. And 60- and 70- and 80-somethings... Because we all secretly wish we too were young, unemployed and lazy.

Followed by a Q+A. Panel to be confirmed.

Pricing Information: BAFTA Members | Free
Public | £7.50
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