Tuesday, August 31, 2010


On the Tweet where you live:

1-9-2010 Hattieblubell: Note to self. Watch BBC3 tonight 10:30. Russell Tovey's new show. It'll be good I'm sure, the man can do no wrong (even as a werewolf) Grrr.
30-8-2010 DazFitzGerlad: fans of the brilliant Russell Tovey catch his new comedy Him & Her BBC3 Mon 6th 10.30pm then the superb History Boys Fri 10th 11.50pm BBC2.
1-9-2010 Oddstacks: Just received my latest Radio Times. Him & Her is Comedy of the Week! Congrats.
1-9-2010 imjustanerd: The fact that Russell Tovey retweeted me still has me giddy lol #mylifeissmall. Totally made up for the crap awful day I've been having.

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