Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Him & Her: Episode 1

Stefan Golaszewski's Him & Her is BBC Three's latest experiment in light-hearted comedy naturalism. Taking place in a single, half-hour, real-time scene in the indistinct flat of Steve (Russell Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solemani), the show follows the two cheeky but adorable unemployed lovers and their mutually procrastinating procreation.

Introduced for contrast are their misguided, engaged friends Laura and Paul, and their oblivious neighbour Dan. A little reminiscent of the likes of Two Pints Of Lager only without the annoying laugh track, but conversely without any noticeable attempts to be conspicuously funny,Him And Her avoids broad stereotypes at the cost of establishing character depth. It's rather as though the whole thing has been designed by a committee with the aim to appeal to a disenfranchised working class by painting a homely, wholesome picture of a life in which sex is the best and only interest.

For those of us in such a situation, the result is a nonchalant statement that is at best heart warming and at worst, rather patronising. For those of us not in such a situation, it's perhaps alienating in its uneventful pace. Finally, for those of us whose lives are indeed marred by unemployment but not brightened by giddy, all-consuming sex, the whole thing is downright nauseating.

Reviewed by Mike Stephenson.

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