Monday, September 13, 2010


So where does Tom in Oz live?

Above: This is a recent newspaper picture of the town where I live on the east coast of Oz. It is primarily a peninsula town surrounded by the Pacific Ocean at the front and a harbour at the rear. I have lived here in sub-tropical bliss for about 30 years.

We have one of the longest uninterrupted white sand beaches in the world. The "moving" sand dunes to the north have been used in such movies as Mad Max to re-create desert scenes and Star Wars Episode II. South of our town is another beach area which is used in the show "Home & Away" which is shown in the UK.

I work about 50 kilometers away from home in a school with 320 children. I was born in the hot centre of Oz, so living on the coast is still a bit of an oddity. I had no connection to my current hometown until when doing my family history for my dad's family I discovered that the house I moved into was once the home of a crewman who worked on my great grandfather's tug boat 100 years ago. Spooky!

So what does Tom in Oz look like?

Above: Yes, me! I've had more than a couple of requests for a picture, so forgive me if I have ruined you furtive imaginations...I probably don't look like what you expected! LOL I've said before on a few posts, I am old enough to be Russell's father!

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