Monday, September 13, 2010


Him&Her Ep.2 - verdict by tweet!

13-9-2010 JazmineGeorgia‎: I complain about Russell Tovey's pants not being tight enough and he goes and takes them off! :) today is gonna be a good day!

13-9-2010 jaceymint‎: I'm watching "Him and Her". Russell Tovey makes me weak in the knees. Sigh~~~~

13-9-2010 hambros‎: Anyone see Him & Her tonight? Featured Russell Tovey's bum, very nice, well worth the license fee :)

13-9-2010 JazmineGeorgia‎: I am sad that Russell Tovey's pants aren't as tight as in last week's episode.

13-9-2010 AshleyMIM‎: His and Her with Russell Tovey is brilliant! Well written a superb acting. The simple ideas are the best.

13-9-2010 CharlieWarley8‎: Him & Her is so great. Russell Tovey is gold dust!

13-9-2010 unicornkid‎: @boydhilton I have a huge crush on Russell Tovey

13-9-2010 discoagogo‎: Does Russell Tovey have it in his contract that he gets nekkid at least once a series?

13-9-2010 imjustanerd: LOL I will never make it through this episode. I keep rewinding. Russell Tovey makes the cutest faces ever. #HimandHer

13-9-2010 superherofan: Russell Tovey Booty in "Him and Her" Ep 1x02

13-9-2010 mmm_gash: Okay, so @russelltovey has THE greatest arse ever. I knew this anyway from #beinghuman but oooof. Be still, my trousers <3

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