Monday, September 13, 2010


SlobCom not SitCom or RomCom

Russell Tovey has a new show. Before you panic about Being Human, he still on that show also. But his new show titled Him & Her is a comedy about...well here is the synopsis via After Elton:

Steve and Rebecca drink, loaf, shag, bicker, eat toast in bed, watch Inspector Morse boxsets in bed, squeeze spots, pick each other's noses, fart and pee and poo loudly, and generally slump around. Him & Her is as much slobcom as romcom. There is a beardy weirdo upstairs and a dimwit sister and her argy bargy fiance' always popping round. There is no laughter track, and the acting and dialogue are in you face. You'll fancy you can taste the intimate, claustrophobic flatulence of a young couple with no jobs, poor personal hygiene and a fondness for grazing on chunks of cheese out of the fridge.

They could be staring at the wall for 30 minutes and I would still watch it. I love Russell Tovey! The show will also star Camille Coduri (Doctor Who).

Above: Sara Solemani, Russell Tovey & Ed - from Ruth&Ed On-Line

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