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BBC drama Being Human moves to Barry!

Saturday 11th September 2010

Above: Jason Watkins who plays Herrick Sep 2010

BARRY has earned a further credit in its television claims to fame after supernatural BBC comedy-drama Being Human chose the seaside location as its new home.

Canon Street, Barry Police station, Barry Island Pleasure Park, and Merthyr Dyfan cemetery and its adjacent allotments, are just some of the locations to feature in series three, showcasing the town – dubbed ‘Barrywood’ by Island trader, Marco Zeraschi.

Award-winning sitcom Gavin and Stacey put Barry and Barry Island on TV's worldwide map, with Doctor Who, Torchwood, and other dramas and documentaries also filmed in the area. Cast and crew from BBC Three series Being Human have decamped from Bristol, where series one and two were filmed, to use town locations for the series where the characters – a vampire, werewolf, and ghost – now live in Barry Island.

The drama-comedy series, which is also one of the most popular on BBC’s iPlayer, features actors Aidan Turner as Mitchell the vampire, Russell Tovey as George the werewolf, and Lenora Crichlow as Annie the ghost.

The 20-something housemates aim to lead a normal existence while facing human threats.

Aidan and Lenora were on-set in Canon Street, Barry, last Friday (September 2) for filming at the Vale’s ‘newest’ guesthouse.

Show producers said the house, secured for filming following a knock on the door, was chosen for its size and Barry view. Line Producer, Cheryl Jarrett-Davies said: "It’s been a fantastic shoot and we have had a great welcome here.

"The residents have been fantastic. We have been very happy – you couldn’t wish for better."

Lincoln-based fan Toni Foley, 20, was rewarded for her six-hour trip to the street with an extra role in the show.

Toni who signed the petition to get the pilot commissioned as a series, and who has got to know cast and crew, said: "I am the woman walking down the hill in episode 3, 5, or 6!"

Trinity Street resident Suzanne Norris, 30, who has become accustomed to Gavin and Stacey being filmed near her home, said: "I am a huge fan of Being Human so I thought I would come and have a look.

"They are all lovely."

EastEnders legend Lacey Turner, alias Stacey Branning, and Soldier Soldier favourite Robson Green make guest appearances in the series.

Lacey has filmed scenes in Penarth while Robson was on set at John’s cafĂ©, Barry Island, back in June.

Filming wraps up on October 8 and the eight-episode series is scheduled to be broadcast in January next year.

Above: John's Cafe, Barry Wales

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