Sunday, January 8, 2012


I didn’t copy the thousands of congratulatory tweets that Russell received – I’d be here still trying to log them all. Here are just a few of the oddities amongst all the goodness!
Being Human
bbcbeinghuman: There he is! @russelltovey on #sherlock
James Holderness
JamesHolderness: Why does Russell Tovey's accent keep changing #Sherlock
richard bacon
richardpbacon: Russell Tovey is in this show. And the guy from Threesome who more or less plays Russell Tovey is on this show. #2RussellToveys1show.
Lydia Greenslade
LydiaGreenslade: I can't take Russell Tovey seriously in Sherlock, especially with his accent hahaha
Graham Sibley
grahamsibley: @legsidelizzy Russell Tovey on FA Cup weekend. Coincidence? I think not.
Dean Hescott-Burke
Hescottburke: I managed 35 mins of #Sherlock ... Can't stand Russell Tovey
Rory Howes
Raaaawrsome92: D'you reckon Russell Tovey may ask the monster to take a bit off his ears? #RussellTovey
Carachan1: Russell Tovey is ultra annoying #Sherlock
millionpr: I was in a pub 10ft away from Russell Tovey one hour ago. It's all just magic.
SareyGamp: Whoever is Russell Tovey's dialect coach on #Sherlock deserves a round of applause, sounds much better than usual.
Al Kitching
thisgreyspirit: I love Sherlock, but Russell Tovey, he-..... ....kxcg.... ... ....ccffg ... ..... .. ... ..Hmm? Sorry, must've dropped off for a second.
Paul Gibbs
gibbspaulus: @russelltovey @steven_moffat 25 mins in and no patented Tovey Arse Shot! What IS going on?!?!?!?
David Field
DavidPField: @russelltovey aren't you sick of wolves/hounds? Must be a dog's life... x
Jen Blackburn
Jen_Blackburn: I like Russell Tovey but why is he in EVERYTHING
Jason Burridge
laburridge: What accent is the lovely Russell Tovey attempting to do on #sherlock ?? Veering between plummy public school and Devon local yokel!
jjubyun: Oh now I remember I saw #RussellTovey in a bar in Soho! He was still cute in public! :)
Ali Dean
AliDean1975: @russelltovey Russell Tovey is trending!
Bad Monkey
Bad__Monkey: Russell Tovey = OVERRATED
Monica Khanom MBBS
Dr_Khanom: Russell Tovey's OTT performance in Sherlock delightfully amusing. Love it! #sherlock
Alice Scoble
MissScoble: New #sherlock drinking game: do a shot whenever Russell Tovey breaks posh accent or goes really high pitched. Off your face in no time!
Callum Langston-Bolt
CallumBolt: Russell Tovey is basically playing my ex in this episode. Also, have NEVER seen the attraction of Russell Tovey, physically and talent-wise. And as I said, he just reminded me of my ex.
Retreat the Sitcom
Retreatsitcom: Russell Tovey's over-the-top performance in Sherlock ab-so-lute-ly delightful. #sherlock
Katie-Ann McKeeney
KatieAnnMck: The accent that Russell Tovey has in Sherlock is so annoying. i love him but I can't handle his voice in this.
Amy Black
woahtherepetal: Russell Tovey is awful. Why do people think he'd GOOD? @RhosCumberbrett's suggestion of @TomMison would have been much better. #Sherlock
oppositejohn: What's with all the Russell Tovey deniers? Excellent contribution to a first rate programme. #RussellTovey
Sarah Solemani
Solemani: so bloody proud of my bloke @russelltovey in Sherlock. What a performance, what an ep! < Thought he was bloody brilliant.
francesbarber13: Sherlock just the best bloody telly ever! Huge congrats @steven_moffat @Markgatiss @russelltovey et al. Thanks guys xxx
dazgale: I've decided I really don't like Russell Tovey as an actor. All he ever seems to do is screech in a high pitched voice and cry. #Sherlock

cedrichampton: Russell Tovey really is gurning in this, isn't he? And have a shave, man! #Sherlock
benjileigh: cracking telly....shame about Russell Tovey's bizarre accent #sherlock


angloirishgal: Wow. #Sherlock was incredible this week. @russelltovey came up trumps in the end! Creepy ending means a good ep next week?


rayisagirl: That was terrifying. Also. Please give Russell Tovey all the awards.


tgarrowsmith: Russell Tovey is a nice guy don't get me wrong, but he was only ever good in Gavin and Stacey #ears


alice_buxton: @russelltovey wanted to hug your character through the whole episode, so fantastic :) your fear terrified me!
Jan S

summerdaze7: @Tom_In_Oz_"...a brilliant case..." Well done!

ryan white

westy3508: @Tom_In_Oz_ look at that @RussTov_FanSite is trending

Russell Tovey ✔
RussTov_FanSite: @westy3508 yep I know all things Tovey are trending

Matthew Cain
MatthewCainC4: Sherlock exceptional tonight - best episode yet. And very proud of my twin @russelltovey - all those gruelling night shoots were worth it! And I guessed the baddie this time - I'm normally rubbish at whodunnits. Am very proud of myself too!
Michael Douglas Bosc
michaelbosc: @AWOLTom  am watching Russell in Sherlock Hound's of Baskerville yep Stanley is Russ x
BoyVirginiaMade: @russelltovey great work on Sherlock! Glad to have finally seen a version of that story that I like!!

jamessalvona: Also, I know Russell Tovey's supposed to be some kind of gay icon, but I think he's rubbish.

Lorraine Shuttlewood
FoxyLorri64: @russelltovey  you are absolutely mind blowing as an actor! I loved tonight’s epi of #Sherlock  didn't understand the very end though lol

I_A_Austin: @dan_loach - Russell Tovey just can't act...

walkwithpurpose: @russelltovey I've been a fan of yours since history boys at the NTI think I can safely say you've upped your game sensationally! #Sherlock

Russell Tovey trends on Sunday 8-1-2012. He has more than 400 tweets every minute for the first 30 mins of the show. It settled back down to 1 a second after that for the rest of the show. I gave up trying to log them all. It was a major piece of casting. He was #1 in London by the end of the show.
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