Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is what Russell Tovey sent out to the world on Monday 13th Sep 2010 on Twitter as a reminder to tune-in to episode 2 of Him&Her:

"Him and Her episode 2 tonight BBC3. Please watch my lovely wittys and enjoy! May be a little flash of bottom at some point x"

We could discuss the artistic merit of Him&Her Ep.2 but nope
let's get this gratuitous stuff outta the way...

Russell actually knows what his audience wants and he's not afraid to oblige. He is completely comfortable being naked and the fans certainly don't mind.

End of Ep.2 synopsis:

Steve (Russell Tovey) feigns being sick on his own birthday. He waits until everyone leaves for the pub to have a birthday drink on his behalf.

Steve then miraculously recovers to get himself ready for some "self-loving" time using his laptop and some passwords from his neighbour Dan.


Steve does a little "free willy" dance then slips on a new monogrammed bedroom robe that was a birthday present from his doting mother.

He limbers up his hands and slips comfortably into his inflatable blue chair - also a birthday present - this one being from Dan.


Steve then fiddles with his phone to get the passwords to an Asian site which was recommended by Dan.

Steve puts on his headphones (another present) and starts to enjoy the pleasure of his own company.

He doesn't realise with his headphones on that the others have come back.

"Inspector Morse" is ultimately Steve's downfall and you'll have to tune-in to discover what that means.


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