Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Russell Tovey


Being Human star and seriously good snogger

Another BBC Three sitcom... What's this one about?

Him & Her is a modern day love story set in the confines of a bedsit they never leave. It’s done in real time, half an hour just set in one room. It's intimate and observational, like you’re a fly on the wall.

Does anything ever happen?

It appeals to an audience that watch someone making a cup of tea on Big Brother. I think our tastes as a viewing public are angled towards that now. As a couple they’re bizarrely aspirational. Yeah, they’re lazy, they sit around, eat and watch TV but they’re in love with each other, everything’s rosy so why not just enjoy that? I think that’s what's aspirational for people.

You and Sarah Solemani who plays your girlfriend Becky have great chemistry, were you cast together?

Sarah had to snog like nine guys and I had to do the same until it was whittled down to the two of us. It was like soft porn basically as we all paired off and kissed each other.

So being the best kissers got you the part?

I’m sure they liked us both individually and seeing we worked well together clinched the deal.

Is your character Steve anything like yourself?

He's an Everyman. People can project themselves on to him. Playing him has had a massive influence on my life. I’m filming Being Human at the minute and I’ll just happily fart on set. I’d never have done that before playing Steve. I’m much filthier now.

It doesn't shy away from the grottier aspects of romance.

That’s what’s great about Him & Her, it is shocking but it's just what everybody does. You drop food on the floor and you give it to your partner to eat. Those are the sort of relationships that I’ve been in and it’s brilliant portraying that on-screen. That’s why it seems so fresh and yet accessible. It shows my girlfriend having a poo. A woman pooing, my God! It’s a massive shock. When do you ever see that on TV? It’s not right. But you know, women do poo.

The shocking thing is that it happens within the first minute of a brand new sitcom.

Yeah it starts with a shit. People are either going to go wow and think it's amazing or find it a little bit gross but I’m excited, I love it.

While we're on the subject, your first role was in a children's TV show called Mud that I just came across on YouTube.

Mud is on YouTube? My mum had all the episodes but they were all on VHS and are dead now. I was 11 when I started that and I turn 29 this year. Seems like I’ve been going forever.

It also starred a young Russell Brand. Are you still friends?

Our paths have crossed at a few award ceremonies. Whenever I see him I say, ‘Hello Russell,’ and he says, ‘Hello Russell.’

Him & Her is on Mondays 10.30pm on BBC Three.

Steven MacKenzie

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