Monday, September 13, 2010



Some WORLD tweets which didn’t make it to Mr Tovey!

Russell is a hot topic of conversation across the world. Some of the following tweets are from the USA, Trinidad, France and Korea…scary really the number of people on one weekend who tweet about you and none of these actually went to Russell’s Twitter account.

12-9-2010 Ealasaid: Right I'm off to put my pjs on, light the fire and drool over Russell Tovey for the next couple of hours (shut it Deef) Night all x

12-9-2010 RickyTicky‎: @south_mouth Aw, well thanks =3 And I love Him & Her. Russell Tovey (Him) is a great actor.

12-9-2010 jeannekc: Love Russell Tovey's sugar bowl ears!

12-9-2010 starr_y_eyed: Forgot Russell Tovey was in History Boys. <3>

12-9-2010 ActsofFaithblog‎: @CitizenOjo I know! Russell Tovey put his mark on the wolf role so I don't know how the new version will work, but I'm of course curious.

12-9-2010 Oximoronica: Russell Tovey is such a damn good actor. I love them brits, I really do.

12-9-2010 JenHawkins87‎: @mcfangirl I love Being Human. All of the main characters are awesome. Not to mention Russell Tovey & Sinead Keenan wished me happy bday =p

12-9-2010 theoopsgirl‎: @ItsHarrietStout I love that film! Scripps&Lockwood <3>

12-9-2010 Shezzlarrrr: Ohh I love Russell Tovey. If only....

12-9-2010 devonanthony: It’s confirmed. I love Russell Tovey

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