Friday, October 1, 2010


Nice one boys!

Above: Aidan Turner & Russell Tovey - One of the Being Human cast pics taken at London ComicCon mid 2010.

One of my regular contributors sent this nice snap. Enjoy!

Dear Readers,

You may recall that Mrs Oz and I are currently visiting the UK doing family history research for approx. 80 days. We are in Scotland for our first 6 weeks before moving south into Wales and England. Besides researching ancestors, visiting headstones, copying birth, marriage and death records &c. we are also on a mission to reconnect with living branches of our families. So far Mrs. Oz has found 3 branches of her family in Stirling and 1 in Glasgow. Mrs Oz has a forest of Scottish ancestry. I have discovered that I have 1 Scottish branch in my family tree: the Hope family of Edinburgh. I am allowed to claim a clan tartan and can officially wear a kilt - a manly dark green and purple number with a thin yellow cross thread!!! Mmmm.

Well, after 2 weeks we are finally having a break from visiting cemeteries and record offices. We get to do some sightseeing this coming weekend, woo-hoo!

Sinead Keenan and I had a Twitter moment on Friday 1st October just after Mrs Oz and I got back from Edinburgh National Library. What a great start to a hopefully relaxing weekend. Luv ya, Sinead!

Above: Tom In Oz on the way to have lunch at The White Hart Inn Edinburgh which was established in 1516. One of the oldest Inns in Scotland.

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