Wednesday, October 20, 2010



& other Tovey Tweets!

20-10-2010 JoeOliverEason: Just watched Roar with @russelltovey in it. Am now terrified of him, and of getting keys cut.

20-10-2010 gemmuur03_ilrh: i love him and her with @russelltovey hope they do a new series :D can’t wait for tomorrow night Russell Howard’s good news :D

20-10-2010 jociefay: Downloaded Roar starring @russelltovey. Yay!

20-10-2010 davidbowdley: @russelltovey Gave in; watched Roar. Rather good I think; what a shock! I'll forgive you now for not having a secret of eternal youth :) xx

20-10-2010 JeffreyD315: Just watched ROAR with @russelltovey. Definitely give it a go!

20-10-2010 LK_Today: @russelltovey I would watch anything you were in! Talent and sex appeal!

20-10-2010 sphere333: @russelltovey hi Russell, how goes it? Looking 4ward to BH3 here, shame you aren't filming in ye olde Bristol. Have fun... Ju x

And speaking of being

Russell Tovey promised to do some more buff pics when he got to 20,000 followers on Twitter - he's almost there...don't forget to remind him of his promise...LOL.

Oh and if possible ask another 100 people to follow Russell on Twitter a.s.a.p.

And speaking of
Stephen Fry

Actor and TV presenter, Stephen Fry welcomed Russell Tovey to Twitter ages back but now this simple gesture has become an article online (click the following link): here

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