Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Above: Russell Tovey at THT party courtesy of Boyd Hilton on Twitter.

Russell Tovey goes quiet

but his friends fill in the THT gaps…

2-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: Can't wait to see my sisters tonight at Terence Higgins Trust Supper Club. On table in memory of Kristian Digby. Will give him good send off!

2-11-2010 jaybs: @russelltovey are you going to the Terrence Higgins event tonight? do Miss Kristian Digby! and also my Dear Friend Clint Walters! John x

2-11-2010 dominictc: @MatthewCainC4 Really looking forward to seeing you - and toasting our Digby who brought us together. X

2-11-2010 leo_richardson: @MatthewCainC4 see u tonight sis! X

2-11-2010 JoeTaylorLand: @robdiament @matthewcainc4 @russelltovey @boydhilton what's with everyone being sisters? Are there secret lady bits involved?

2-11-2010 dominictc: @leo_richardson @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 You're going to be so purty, Leo. X

2-11-2010 leo_richardson: medecine's kicking in. must pick some shoes and a handbag to wear to the ball with ma gurrrlls @dominctc @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4

2-11-2010 dominictc: @leo_richardson You've got James Franco AND Robert Downey Jr round your flat? Greedy. X

2-11-2010 leo_richardson: @dominctc @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 once i get my slap on i'll look good as new. Xx

2-11-2010 jaybs: @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 will think of Kristian tonight, I still watch the DVD "Hiding the Truth: I can't read" it still moves me John x

2-11-2010 dominictc: Quick drink with Johnny P before we join @leo_richardson @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 and the others for THT supper club. Let the fun begin.

2-11-2010 robdiament: On my way to a Terrence Higgins Trust charity dinner!

2-11-2010 MissRedPeril: Taken me 45 minutes to put the red mane up, but now I'm heading out for a Terrence Higgins dinner date with @dominictc @leo_richardson

...later that night...

2-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: At the Terence Higgins Trust Supper Club sitting between Johnny from Eastenders and someone with a lovely hairy chest. With all my sisters!

2-11-2010 boydhilton: Posh dinner with lovely Tovey.

2-11-2010 robdiament: @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 @boydhilton amazing night!!

Above: Russell Tovey with Matthew Cain at THT party courtesy of Rob Diament on Twitter.

Below: I asked Boyd Hilton was the function sombre or on the "hoot end" of the scale and this was his tweet...

Below: Russell Tovey attends the 2010 Terrence Higgins Trust supper party at Cafe De Paris London (one of the official photos).

Below: Location of Cafe De Paris where the Terrence Higgins Trust party was held.


Sinead Keenan who plays Nina in Being Human has arrived back from her holiday and was tweeting with fans when suddenly...OUCH!

robbieanthony87: @SineadKeenan anytime :) x :) and ur pretty 2 but I fancy Russell Tovey so ur not my type lol

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