Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Overnight tweets

…while you were sleeping…

9-12-2010 LazareLou: @russelltovey Just wanted to tell you I saw the Dior ad with you in it:)))

9-12-2010 ohtheodes: @russelltovey Ian Mckellen and John Cameron Mitchell- a dream combination. Hope they were Dior overalls!

9-12-2010 magellanmydear: @russelltovey Hi, I just wanted to know how was Ms. Cotillard in real life coz I'm a big fan :)

9-12-2010 emzi24: @russelltovey you can do a fair bit with a bucket of paint cant you.

9-12-2010 ToniBaaby10: @russelltovey I love you so so so much... Pls pls plsss tweet bak x x x x x x x x x

9-12-2010 bmg43: @russelltovey Russell, an American fan of yours. Can you tell me what we may be seeing of you on the other side of the Atlantic?

9-12-2010 petetrueman: Still doesn’t really get this whole tweeting thing! Although I know what @russeltovey is doing! Suppose that's always helpful!

9-12-2010 petetrueman: I obviously meant @russelltovey stupid twitter

Celebration time again!

The above statistics show that within 4 hours a segment of this blog was re-tweeted 1,469 times – a record amount given the time frame. Obviously people are very interested in seeing the stills from the Dior campaign.

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