Sunday, December 12, 2010


Boyd Hilton

The casual blog reader might not know that London-based critic and reviewer, Boyd Hilton, has been championing Russell Tovey for years - similar to my good self but much longer, Boyd is a fair bit older than me!

Boyd is a personal friend of Russell Tovey and he takes every opportunity to assist Russ with career and media events. Boyd was the moderator when Sarah Solemani and Russell appeared on-line at the Heat Magazine offices just before Him & Her went to air. Boyd also conducted the presentation of the live BAFTA screenings of Him & Her. Boyd has connections to numerous media personnel and has been responsible for introducing Russell to a variety of media movers and shakers. It was Boyd who procured back-stage-passes for Russ and friends during the recent 2010 XFactor series.

Boyd and I have a unique relationship - we have never met but we have fun with our Twitter exchanges which at times appear to be duels rather than friendly banter. I would like to thank Boyd for giving me permission to exhibit some of his magazine articles and reviews on this blog. Below are but a handful, there are more spread over the preceding blog pages. Once again, thank you Boyd, old friend!

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