Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This week's ReTweetment

Click picture to enlarge Russell Tovey's ReTweet:

Russell is just home from his *vacation* and now he's off to do press interviews for his new comedy show Him & Her. So he will undoubtedly be very busy for a while.

He's nearly up to 15000 people following on Twitter which is pretty outstanding for less than a month of being hooked up. Meanwhile I have #27 - but mine are all quality - no filler! I only joined Twitter because of Russell about 4 hours after he did. He was my first tweet (lol)!


Just had some correspondence from BBC publicist Sarah Hall. She has chosen this blog as one of the Non-BBC sites to be allowed to place Him & Her publicity materials on. Thanks BBC. Looking forward to this collaboration.

Hi Tom,

My name’s Sarah and I work with the BBC Three comedy team. I help out with the marketing and publicity, working alongside content creators to make sure their work gets out to the communities and sites that matter.

I came across your blog and wanted to get in touch as I thought one of the new shows we’re launching
Him & Her might be a good fit for your blog, particularly as there’s some embeddable content from the show available as well as various other great bits and pieces if you’re interested.

Thanks Tom,

Best wishes,
Sarah Hall

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