Sunday, September 5, 2010


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Russell Tovey tweets back...
Man falls off perch...

5-9-2010 russelltovey: I'm in the independent today! In a dirty t shirt... X

5-92010 fjmg_2003: Is this the article?

Because your shirt looks clean in the picture LOL

5-9-2010 russelltovey: I think in reality they may have panicked about the stains and had a slight photoshopping done to it x

5-9-2010 fjmg_2003: That's what I thought. I wish they had post the original picture. You were hilarious in the interview. Thanks for the reply :p

5-9-2010 fjmg_2003‎: My whole year and next too have been made Russell Tovey just replied one of my post on twitter. Now I can die Happy :)

The lesser known Tweet

5-9-2010 halfbear‎: still weirds me out a bit seeing Russell (Tovey) from school on the telly.

5-9-2010 peepart‎: Is Russell Tovey on any other channel apart from BBC3? Ever.

5-9-2010 ajonesie‎: George's werewolf-suppression-inspired Tourette's is the greatest. I do so adore Russell Tovey.

5-9-2010 Splend‎: I've only seen the first couple of episodes, it is awesome, yes. Russell Tovey (the werewolf) is a great actor.

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