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more Monday night riot

with Tiny Tovey

russelltovey: Took the 'rents to see 'Betty Blue Eyes' at the Novello theatre - they loved it!! Gold star for tiny Tovey x :-)

matthewlawton: @russelltovey It's amazing, huh? You had the same idea as @kevinpoulter (who clearly got the idea from me...). Glad you enjoyed.

russelltovey: Took the 'rents to see 'Betty blue eyes' at the Novello - they loved it! Gold star for tiny Tovey x

TMarkstahler: @russelltovey ...and you are aware that you will be addressed as "tiny Tovey" from now on? That's sooo Charles Dickens ;-)

Dorina335: @russelltovey did u get a second gold star for tweeting it twice? xx

TonySidaway: @russelltovey Tiny Tovey? I almost regret getting that reference. You are a very strange young man!

russelltovey: Sorry correction... Gold star for massive trouser snake Tovey... Better? ;-) x

SPJCostello: @russelltovey you are THE biggest cock tease on #twitter hehehe

RealReeceShears: @russelltovey Glad they liked it Russell.

russelltovey: @RealReeceShears you were quality Reece! Congrats on a great show x

MisterBritton: @russelltovey stay safe in London, I can cope with losing a branch of currys' , I don't want to turn on the news and see you've been looted

russelltovey: RT @Twitvid: 115K views in an hour and 23,000 retweets for this extraordinary speech byWest Indian woman in face of #londonriots

russelltovey: What a really really weird and scary time for London right now? X

tjlaverty: @russelltovey I was going to ask if you made a mistake, glad you corrected it lol x

LyndonOgbourne: RT @russelltovey: What a really really scary time for London right now? X True Dat mate! Strange goings on! Hope you're safe n well x

THEKERRYHOWARD: @russelltovey keep safe my baby darling x

realMLombard: @russelltovey I wondered where you'd been....hope u got home ok x

russelltovey: @THEKERRYHOWARD you too.... Hot nips x

russelltovey: If you live in London search your postcode to see if the riots are happening or planned for your area... x

guy_interruptd: @russelltovey No need, I'll just listen out the window! :(

my_name_is_jim: @russelltovey It's bizarre that you have to see if riots are "planned for you area", like a party

eveecee: @russelltovey They are currently smashing up Debs in Romford Russ..

russelltovey: @eveecee what???? X

eveecee: @russelltovey BB pinging all day 2 call them in. Riot police locked off station bout 5. 2nite they arrived. Good old Romford under attack. x

russelltovey: This reminds me of the Gremlins... X

FrazerClarke: @russelltovey Just in case the Massive Trouser Snake Tovey is lost in the riots you should tweet pics to preserve the snake for posterity..

BoyVirginiaMade: @russelltovey that put a smile on my worried face. A bit of laughter is necessary right now.

AubreyEMiller: @russelltovey no Gremlins had a happy ending this may not. x

Monday Night RIOTS

kevinpoulter: Absolutely loving Betty Blue Eyes with the folks. Fantastic show. Still lots of Alan Bennett humour. Hi to @russelltovey 2 rows back

Confidential_CC: @kevinpoulter are you guys aright?

kevinpoulter: @Confidential_CC Thank you. I'm on my bike. Will put the folks on the tube and avoid it. Show's over. Have you seen it yet? Superb.

Confidential_CC: @kevinpoulter no mate but the riots have closed a number of theatres tonight be safe x

Tom_In_Oz_: @Charliecondou @russelltovey Soho in lockdown check out Old Compton St

Confidential_CC: Could someone ya'know like GOD organise some rain and storms for the UK rioters....*keep the rioting at home*

jonesyinc1: @Confidential_CC if only!! Bunch of wankers!! Cx

demelza2: @Confidential_CC just got sent out of cinema in middle of film :(((

Janhatesmarmite: @Confidential_CC Bet your glad your're not here aren't you - so proud of our counntry NOT XXX

davidkester67: This is Lord of the Flies.

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @CharlieCondou Centre of town in trouble copy from Patricia Ledwith aka @demelza2 - just got sent out of cinema in middle of film :(((

Spiceboy81: Me & Julie Atherton trying to stay calm & continue our masterclass in New Cross as London burns around us. I'm really sad.

davidkester67: RT @ChelleHardwick: If you know any of the rioters/looters, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. #ReclaimLondon #Londonriots

BernieClugston: RT @Brighton_Alan: If you live in London for the next week you should shake the hand of every policeman you see. Seriously - shake their hand and say thanks

caitlinmoran: RT @Chillyourbeans: You can help people made homeless by #londonriots by donating bedding and clothes etc to Apex House, 820 Seven Sisters Road, London N15 5PQ.

Below: Some fan-made action figures for Being Human season two


Confidential_CC: @tmxghost just a little question.....are they doing any, repeat ANY, publicity for season 4 BH??? Tom

tmxghost: @Confidential_CC yup there will be, but in a different format to last years.

Confidential_CC: @tmxghost carrier pigeons, eh?

russelltovey: Antzy pantzy.... Twitchy itchy.... Finger tappy tippy... Hmmm mm... X

mikeygwill: @russelltovey Have a quick wank. That'll sort you out.

anniekevans: @russelltovey itchy pants?

mfhorne: @russelltovey Got ya some pants. Me? CDG trousers, Givenchy t shirt, APC shoes and jacket. VERY VERY SIMPLE.

russelltovey: @mfhorne serio? Dream catcher x

russelltovey: RT @tmxghost: Being Human Series 1 & 2 soundtrack.... Awesomeness!!

boydhilton: Cumberbatch and Freeman in tremendous form. Series 2 of Sherlock is going to be super-awesome.

russelltovey: @boydhilton really? Whats the goss? X

boydhilton: @russelltovey spent lovely hot afternoon on set. main goss: they all love you. x

Olliestweet: @russelltovey Can I have a happy Monday tweet? I know you tweeted me before, but I love the happy buzz after haha, and I'm a fan ;D x

russelltovey: @Olliestweet :-) Monday hey x

ChrisP_BFC: @russelltovey @Olliestweet #stalkeralert #heisyournumberonefan ;-) x

russelltovey: These riots are ridic x

wfmcmoose: @russelltovey The Kaiser Chiefs have released a Statement to the Press..It simply says "Told You So"...

russelltovey: @wfmcmoose funny :-) x

tmxghost: @russelltovey as long as Nandos is ok though... Right?

ardmore70: @russelltovey how come London riots make top story? Belfast riots didn’t

Monday 8-8-2011

lucybunting: Spotted @russelltovey on the north bound platform of the northern line..

_Amanda87_: @russelltovey Hi Russell, When does the new series of Him and Her start, I love it, I'm currently watching the first series again. =)

russelltovey: @_Amanda87_ November x

Sheridansmith1: “@Brashtastic: @Sheridansmith1 @russelltovey good shaft work guys!” loving going up & down it! ;) Terrified of heights so it's a challenge

russelltovey: @Sheridansmith1 :-) x

russelltovey: Rachael tensions x

AubreyEMiller: @russelltovey I found a picture of Rachael Tension she is a well known drag artist

russelltovey: RT @Nandos_Official: We've had to close our Brixton restaurant as a result of damage that occurred during the recent riots. Clapham High St re-opens at 12 today


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