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Further Adventures Pt.6 - No.1253

Above: Russell Tovey attends British Comedy Awards at Fountain Studios on December 16, 2011 in London, England.

A FluffTail
Tom Markstahler
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Continued from post No.1252


Since our furry globetrotting friend Ozziebear still has some relaxing days left before he goes on his long journey to Australia where he will live with his adoptive dad Tom in Oz, Ozziebear decided to enjoy a bit of small town Germany. After the hustle and bustle of the big metropolis that is London it is rather relaxing to spend some time in a city where there is not much to see and not much to do. Even though Ozziebear’s current host Tom Markstahler incessantly tried to sell his hometown with the slogan “Kehl is kewl!”, the worldly bear has some reasonable doubts about that.

Ozziebear’s sightseeing tour started on the bank of the river Rhine. The bear tourist was surprised to find an abandoned spaceship parked at the embankment. According to Tom, the UFO was left behind in 1956, when Kehl was invaded by aliens. Today Kehl’s population is made up of 83% citizens of extraterrestrial origin and nearly 17% citizens of German origin. Only 0.000035% of those living in Kehl are travelling plush toy bears. It’s the Germans you need to beware of. Ozziebear certainly didn’t expect such interesting and exciting facts about a boring little German city.
It was hours later after Tom had taken his medication and stopped arguing with a cheese sandwich about global warming that Ozziebear did find out that the UFO in fact was a pavilion built in 2004 as a part of the Franco-German horticultural show.

What a big disappointment!!!
Since there is not such a lot to see in Kehl, Ozziebear decided to see it all at once. So instead of wandering the streets to get an impression of Tom Markstahler’s hometown, he was looking for the highest point to get a nice view over the whole city. When he spotted the very dubious and dodgy wooden construction, he hesitated for a moment. He didn’t intend to end his young life being buried under a collapsed wooden tower. But with some soothing words from Tom and the blind trust in German engineering and architecture he conquered the 210 steps to the top of the observation tower.
The view was certainly worth the climb. Dusk was falling and the lights in the streets and in the houses were switched on. The reflections in the icy cold water of the canal were starting to dance as the wind rippled the water surface. Ozziebear was sitting on the telescope thinking about the past weeks and his Australian adventures to come in the new year. And boy, that telescope was cold. Brrrrrrrrrr...
 When Ozziebear finally climbed down the tower, night had fallen. But Mr Bear certainly didn’t want to leave without visiting one of the bridges over the river Rhine connecting the German city Kehl with the French city of Strasbourg. Ozziebear realised that night-time can even make places like Kehl beautiful... well, sort of! 

Maybe one day Ozziebear will come back together with his dad Tom in Oz to visit old Europe and to show him all the places he has been to, before he started his new life in Australia in 2012.
To be continued…

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Patricia Ledwith

When Patricia Ledwith coached Russell Tovey in drama all those years ago, little did she realise she would become one of the contributors to the Famous Five stories on the Tovey blog and turn into a real-life 'Auntie Mame' for some of the boys that follow the blog. She is teaching them to...Live! Live! Live! Miss Pat is THE owner of Manny P. Rabbit, one of the fluffy Famous Five characters you can read about on various blog posts.
Pat and I started corresponding in August 2010 just about the same time as Mrs Oz and I went to see more of our ancestral villages back in the UK. Pat sent me pictures of Russell before he was famous and before he was working full-time in showbiz (with his permission of course). Pat has known Russell for many years from roughly the same time he got his first part in the TV drama ‘The Bill’ [as a stone throwing naughty kid]. 

Over the years Pat’s drama group in Essex has had numerous talented actors and comedians pass through its workshops. She still catches up with most of her students when she isn’t busy being a grandmother of a small but delightful handful of grandchildren. Besides Russell, another of the alumni that I follow on Twitter [and vice versa] is singer and actor Jack Shalloo who has spent most of 2011 in 'Hamlet The Musical' and 'Departure Lounge' with Stevie Webb. Pat also taught television host Andy Day.
More recently Pat has met the boys that have become integral to the blog story of the Famous Five. She has been out a few times socially with Andrew F. from London, Thomas Markstahler (from Germany) and Mark M. Merrett from Croydon. Sadly, the only one of this group that has not met any of these people is moi!
Pat nowadays runs private drama lessons and only has a limited number of appointments. If you would like more information I am willing to contact her after you contact me. My email address is permanently kept on the side of the blog but you will need to write it down as it is not a link to click. If you would like to contact Pat via Twitter her user name is: @demelza2
patricia Ledwith
demelza2: @RussTov_FanSite thank you so much for the blog !!! Great xxx will let the students know!!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Below: Pictures of Miss Pat running lessons in 2009 when she was a college teacher. She invited Russell Tovey to a workshop to give her students an opportunity to ask about the issues facing them as they try to make it in showbiz.
Above L to R: Vikkie Essex, Christopher J Cook, Hazel Dower, Ellen-Louise Bennett, Russell Tovey, Adam Xan, Patricia Ledwith, Katie Silk, Hannah McFarquhar, Darrel Draper, Chelsea Hickford and Isabelle at Pat's drama clinic 2009.
Above: Russell Tovey with Darrel Draper, Katie Silk, Hannah McFarquhar, Chelsea Hickford and others at pat's drama clinic 2009.
Above: Russell Tovey and Lauren Evans at Pat's drama clinic 2009.

Above: Russell Tovey and a fan - photo taken the same day as Pat's drama clinic 2009.

Russell Tovey, his friend Matthew Cain and their respective boyfriends are currently in Japan for New Year celebrations. While they are gone their Twitter output has come to a stop but the Tovey blog goes on with various contributions from associates and friends.

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