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Getting naked on set

September 5, 2010 by Bilal Mian

Getting a chance to sit down with the cast of Being Human has to be one of the most memorable and funny moments from San Diego Comic-Con. Sitting down with Russell Tovey (George), Lenora Crichlow (Annie),Aidan Turner (Mitchell), and Sinead Keenan (Nina) the cast delivered a lively and hilarious Q&A.

Before the event began the press went to place their recording devices on the table to capture audio. I had brought a fairly complicated looking device for Comic-Con, which happened to look like a giant taser. The reaction from the Being Human cast was hilarious. They spent a few minutes joking around asking if I was going to tase anyone in the room. Their relaxed and amiable nature really made it a great interview.

Discussing their time at Comic-Con, the group talked about premiering the second season the previous night to attendees of SDCC. Aiden joked that most people have probably already seen season two illegally, since it already aired in its entirety in the UK.

I asked how they felt about the episode differences between the UK and the USA. For those that don’t know, Being Human episodes run around 55 minute per episode, but when brought stateside they are cut down due to commercials. The average hour-long show in the USA is between 40-42 minutes of aired footage. The cast felt that the amount lost to commercials really affects the characters’ emotional development as well as the story’s plot. Russell joked saying he supports the illegal movement if it means people get to watch the real version. Aiden chipped in saying, “Go Illegal. Get it Right!” Lenora pitched in saying it is worth it to buy the uncut DVD box set if it means getting to watch the entire show how it was originally aired.

To wrap it up I’ll end with one of my questions, with possibly one of the funniest responses. On my plane ride to San Diego I was watching a few episodes of Being Human only to realize that George was naked in nearly every episode. Quite simply, I just had to ask Russell Tovey how he felt about getting naked on set.

Russell – First time I did it, it was around 6 o’clock in the morning and in a really cold wooded area in winter in Bristol.

Aidan – Freezing!

Russell – So my pride was destroyed.

Everyone laughs

Russell – As much as I say I don’t, every man will check out another man’s “tackle.” They’ll have a sneaky glance and I felt sneaky glances all day. By the end of the day I was like you’ve all seen it and so you just run around naked. Yea I’m used to it, but I have no idea why George has to take all his clothes off but that’s part of the script.

Lenora – I do. I know why. It’s hot.

Russell – Thanks babe.

Lenora – Yea it is. You know it is.

Russell – You just get used to it. That’s just what’s written and they are quite nice. We started doing a scene the other day where I wake up naked and when they said cut I would just stand there with my hands over my bits. No one was coming in and putting any cover on me. People were lighting around me, someone’s doing coffee, someone’s doing makeup and I’m like someone do me a favour and give me some protection. They think I’m so used to being naked that I’m fine.

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