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Below: Russell Tovey, Boy George and Charlie Condou have charity items on eBay for people to bid for...Russell’s donation is a pair of pants and socks, and a tour of the set in South Wales (Being Human). Please bid here.

Click to enlarge picture of bids.

russelltovey: RT @JohnNor: Now on #TwitRelief @russelltovey "offering a trip to set", presumably #BeingHuman set or maybe #HimandHer

nigellanigella: @russelltovey The 'pants' mentioned on Ebay under your twitrelief thing- are they new or used?!!

russelltovey: @nigellanigella used! Both pants and socks... But washed x

russelltovey: RT @Mister__Pink: @russelltovey please support me and RT raising money & awareness for Diabetes! Cheers x

JessaNutter: Just wants ONE little tweet from @RussellTovey :( I feel unappreciated. Yeah I know I'm a demanding fan! :)

russelltovey: @JessaNutter hi x

frankolad: @russelltovey I reckon there would be more bids if unwashed... Sorry to be pervy & gross... I'm a nice guy honest ;0) :0P

russelltovey: @frankolad they are used but washed! X

frankolad: @russelltovey Yes I know... I was trying to be naughty with you!!! I'll behave and be a gentleman now :0) :0) x

LozzaD79: @JKCorden god I've been outbid already .....u popular stud u ! Lol x

JKCorden: @LozzaD79 Oooh, keep bidding! Drinks are on me! x

JKCorden: Ok, just been told you have to be 18! So sorry. This does though mean that we can have a few beers together backstage!! When i say beers... I mean Vodka Cranberry x

russelltovey: @JKCorden Vera drake x

SineadKeenan: A clash between British Boy Bands Blue and Jedward'?!!!!! Jedward are IRISH you Gobshite!! FAO NZ showbiz man on Lorraine. Ignorant!!

russelltovey: @SineadKeenan oh Sinead? Who gives a f*ck? X x x

russelltovey: RT @mrSamuelBarnett: Congratulations Josie Rourke, new AD of Donmar. Yay!


SineadKeenan: To all those in Japan, or with loved ones over there, sending you strength xxx

russelltovey: @SineadKeenan second that x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @SineadKeenan we who live near all this are shocked and saddened too. It's overwhelming.

Road Safety Campaign
russelltovey: RT @fatboy1: @russelltovey Please RT Take a look at this video - Russell Tovey & Lenora Crichlow talk Teen Road Safety via @youtube


MatthewCainC4: It's my morning off + I'm having a retro moment listening to Queen at full blast. Could I Want to Break Free be the best pop song ever made?

MatthewCainC4: Actually, make that Radio Ga Ga. Even Nelly is dancing. She can't quite master the hand clapping though..

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 ha ha ha! She's our little girl! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 Queen's Ga Ga and Nelly not a combo that springs immediately to mind but Nelly and Lady Ga Ga, maybe x

MatthewCainC4: Nelly just been sick on carpet. Maybe dancing to Queen after breakfast wasn't a good idea.

Here she is recovering..

Tom_In_Oz_: @MatthewCainC4 see told you Lady Ga Ga...! Matt, I also keep telling @RussellTovey that the punters love little dog Sweetie has been viewed over 130 times this morning alone.



relief on the way

russelltovey: RT @emmafreud: Trust me on this... Bookmark and follow @twitrelief the next ten days are going to be interesting. RT

mrkimjones: @russelltovey -finally ! x

russelltovey: @mrkimjones Good to see you on here Agent Jones x x x :-)

russelltovey: I Am part of #twitrelief which starts today. If you want me to follow you, go to or follow @twitrelief. RT!! x

rosiedoes: So, I hear @nickjfrost and @russelltovey are selling their twitter souls for @twitrelief. Head to eBay to offer your pennies for charity.

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey ur name doesn't appear on some of the advertising & is it a YouTube item, will it have a photo gallery? No response from org.

russelltovey: I Am part of #twitrelief which starts today. If you want me to follow you, go to or follow @twitrelief. RT!! x

cazbradley: @russelltovey I can't find you on #Twitrelief :(

russelltovey: @cazbradley it will all be up by the end of the day... x

cazbradley: @russelltovey thanks sweet (haha I should calm down a bit,eh?)

boydhilton: @russelltovey @twitrelief I might bid to have dinner with you. You can bid to visit me at Hot Towers and get a hot lifetime subscription. x

Pure Solid M. Gold

hubbardamy: @russelltovey you are spectacularly unavailable to be the northern Irish Russell Tovey, of course. time to clone yourself.

russelltovey: @hubbardamy oh that’s a shame... Who is the world’s maestro??? dm me x

hubbardamy: @russelltovey have DM'd you now. sorry it took so long I’m convinced I have jetlag from travel Dublin - London. went to bed at 8pm.

russelltovey: @hubbardamy Read it... Incredible! Thank you!! x

russelltovey: Is it wrong to want a bum bag? Can anyone actually make them acceptable, ie: Me? x

SineadKeenan: @russelltovey eh, no! X

_dan_bo: @russelltovey Yes and no. Yes it's wrong to want one and no, nobody can actually make them acceptable.

vickismall: @russelltovey good god man get a hold of yourself this is one part of 80s and 90s fashion that does not need to return!

The_Ausmerican: @russelltovey Yes, it is wrong. And no, I don't think even you could make them acceptable. ;)

DannyBlahBlah: @russelltovey only if you JUST wear the bum bag and tweet a pic...

reevepeter: @russelltovey they are all the rage in Germany, all the German chavs wear bum bags...

The CountyCook: @russelltovey OK,reality check.You were loved on board a space-like titanic, adored in Being Human. Now you want to be accepted in a bum bag. NO

alightheart: @russelltovey It's not wrong to want one. Having one, well that's a different matter, I'm afraid.




Tom_in_Oz_: @russelltovey I counted 94% against bum bags and couple who said you could make it look sexy but they LIED!!!

pmattessi: @russelltovey the cruel paradox of the bum bag: so useful, yet so wrong.

russelltovey: @pmattessi Agree.. so useful.. hmmmm x


mrSamuelBarnett: Singing tonight at an NT fundraiser. And so is Tori Amos. Am in heaven.

issyvb: @mrSamuelBarnett oooh! where is it at? (i assume at the NT?)

mrSamuelBarnett: @issyvb yes was NT. Very impressive event. Lots of money raised.

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrSamuelBarnett Do you know approx how much?

mrSamuelBarnett: @Tom_In_Oz_ not sure but hundreds of thousands.Had fab time @NationalTheatre fundraiser. Honoured to be asked to represent them. Congrats to all for a fantastic event.

mmm_gash: I have to have @russelltovey following me!. Though some rich c*nt will get it rather than a dedicated fan like me :( #twitrelief.

russelltovey: @mmm_gash Language Jamie! ;-) x

byepolar: @russelltovey dont encourage him he already thinks you and him are gonna meet and fall in love. The more you tweet him the worse he gets lol

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