Friday, December 17, 2010


The good life:

russelltovey: Eating fish and chips with Ginger beer at my local with @MatthewCainC4 lifes good x

boydhilton: @russelltovey you're missing Take Me Out! x

russelltovey: @boydhilton oh shit! *rushes home* x missing Take Me Out! x

ghtonym: @russelltovey prefer my fish n chips with vinegar, lol

beegbird: oh hello... can't help noticing the last 2 tweets I received from @russelltovey and @SarahMillican75 & both are drinking ginger beer.. hmmm

GrevattChandler: @russelltovey sounds lovely. Can i have a chip?

UzairKamesh: @russelltovey why is ginger the only word that's in a capital ???

MoonChildMe: @russelltovey oooh I could eat some fish & chips mmmm mouth is watering

PeterK111: @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 .....second on the lips, lifetime on the hips!

adrianclarkson: @russelltovey How was Gaga?!

emidsskin: @russelltovey hope Nelly doesn't mind you both being out

DannyLeeWynter: @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 Love n Snow to u both X

louis_louis66: @russelltovey Crabbies?

Riinukka: @russelltovey Hello from Finland! I'm just watching #Doctor Who Voyage of the Damned.

Russell Tovey is having problems

getting over the “X”

russelltovey: What time is the X factor on tonight???? X

JacksyllivanUK: @russelltovey X Factor finished last weekend, Matt Cardle won the show !

jaybs: @russelltovey Ahhhhhh no X Factor, but Xmas Eve we have a THIS IS ONLY ESSEX XMAS SPECIAL to look forward to! J Xx

russelltovey: :-( x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey dick x

joelbee83: @russelltovey you can always get ur Cher fix in Worcester. Appearing live on Monday. Singing live debatable. :)

lookgoodido: @russelltovey what's wrong, gorgeous?

keith74: @russelltovey Silly Billy... I trust you are keeping warm and toasty Mr Tovey?

JemsDreams: Aahhh @russelltovey on Dr Who :-)

georgemiller89: Watching Dr Who Xmas Special with @DavidTennant @russelltovey and @KylieMinogue on Watch :D

HorshamiteHarry: @russelltovey We now have to move over to Dancing on Ice. That Begins shortly. Always good for a bit of tight spandex. And that's just the boys ;)

Gatz77: @russelltovey All about Strictly tonight and the Apprentice tomorrow!!!

bigjohnmacleod: @russelltovey ah. You have a Cowell-shaped hole in your life too. I'm choosing to fill mine with beer, if I can get in from the frozen South

farscaper_here: @russelltovey No x factor but I'm having a BBQ

ianthomas74: @RussellTovey hey Russell. How was filming in B'fast? I've got a '?' for u. Which Dermologica products do u use? X

acerboyz: And @russelltovey is wonderful as Midshipman Frame. I really think his strong performance in this played against him landing the #DrWho role

NurseNew: @russelltovey just watching you in doctor who... You look really young!

jimbutterell: @russelltovey just watching you on Doctor Who, did you get to meet the amazing Miss Minogue?? Xx

Pammy it's strictly over:

Dorina335: it's nearly Strictly time!


Ajkemmy: #strictly have big crush on Matt, just a shame dance was a bit off. But man can he do a cart wheel!

angloirishgal: Come on Pamela!

GtBarrierLeaf: @Ajkemmy *fact* Pamela is distant relative of Mrs Oz. The same Stephenson line that were rail engineers and built "Stephenson's Rocket"

angloirishgal: Pamela made the fewest mistakes but did have the slightly easier routine..however, she's that bit older so has to be taken into account

Dorina335: @angloirishgal don't think that age should...or is..taken into should be all about the best and most consistently best, dancer

Ajkemmy: #strictly Pamela to win!!!! I'm over my crush with Matt!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ajkemmy Told you Pammy!!!!

Ajkemmy: @Tom_In_Oz_ right on. Pam to win!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ajkemmy She is more animated than anyone her age I know. Hope I can cut it at 61.

boydhilton: Pamela OUT!? That's it... I'm calling Ofcom. #strictly

Dorina335: Woooh that’s a shock #scd

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ajkemmy @Dorina335 @boydhilton *genuine sadness here*

Trending poem:

To make sense of the following Tweet collection you need to know: Marcus Whitney is the head of the make-up team behind Being Human. James Fleet plays Russell’s father in the upcoming season of Being Human. The other cast of characters are Russell Tovey’s “wittys.”

Russell on the receiving end:

PerfectasME: @SineadKeenan, I'm a huge being human fan and I adore you & @russelltovey's banter here on twitter, it makes me :) can't wait for series 3!

CJBinATX: @DamianLovesTV I'm not interested in any version of Being Human without the adorable @russelltovey

owenblacker: Watching Dirk Gently on iPlayer. But he's a vampire. And evil. Possibly in something else, with @russelltovey :o)

vencut2: @russelltovey deserves a follow if you are into interesting cultural things and/or just think he's lovely (and his friend's cat) #ff

fauxlens: Had a dream last night that I was arch nemises in school with @russelltovey I don't even know where it came from myself. Baffled.

Turn! Turn! Turn!

(to Everything There Is a Season)

ianthomas74: The fateful day is upon us here. It's my Dad's memorial. *sigh* I wish here was still here.

ianthomas74: #ff @antbrody @Tom_In_Oz_ @wardev @socaldudesok @roughtradex I love everyone on today's #ff. Thank you all for your support.

Oz snap:

AWOLTom: @Dodochicky dodod dodo do dod ddododdo dododo - see I'm singing your praises. Lots of luv in a song to make you better.

Tom_In_Oz_: AWOLTom's Images via @yfrog

Dodochicky: @AWOLTom Oh wow! So beautiful! Are you well? Is Mrs Oz getting better, hun? Hope so on both counts. :D

Ishbel_Haf: @Tom_In_Oz_ Gorgeous. If only I could work out how to upload photos from my phone, I'd reciprocate with a snowy scene. Xx

Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ had a busy week lovely hence quietness..had no time to get online...but I'm back! Am out (again!) this eve but around Sat & Sun

You swine!

(or pigs might flu)

marcuswhitney1: Doctors just phoned and told me that I have swine flu??

Ishbel_Haf: @marcuswhitney1 Hope you get better soon - and in time to enjoy Christmas. Xx

valeriemeachum: @marcuswhitney1 Oh, ack. Not what you want to hear, especially right before Christmas!! Take care of you! Xoxov

Dorina335: @marcuswhitney1 eek! Poor lovely man....hope you recover quickly xx

Lionesskeeper: @marcuswhitney1 Oh no Marcus :( Get well soon you poor thing

angloirishgal: @marcuswhitney1 Poor thing..hope you've got treatment for it & aren't working. Take care of yourself..hope ur being looked after. X

marcuswhitney1: Yep totally true, felt bad all week. Had tests on Wednesday. Wonder if I will grow a curly tail and start oinking? Bored of being in bed!

Dorina335: @marcuswhitney1 Poor baby! catching up on Misfits...gr8 show if u've never watched it...ok...I'm ignoring the Bafta thing!

Much ado about 'n Avatar

AWOLTom : @JamesaFleet Put the drugs down now and step back from the paintbox program. What have you done to your avatar? OMG

JamesaFleet: @AWOLTom Aw, just playing around. Change back soon.

CraigBohan: @JamesaFleet The new profile picture should be in a Gallery, I love it.

Retweeted by JamesaFleet

Dorina335: @JamesaFleet think he needs to go to SpecSavers..RT CraigBohan @JamesaFleet The new profile picture should be in a Gallery, I love it.

JamesaFleet: Back from spending fortune at the supermarket and from having failed to buy a tree. Cold. Roads tricky. Yes I know I'm lucky. I know.

Dorina335: @JamesaFleet awww....maybe a more cheerful pic will perk u up?...Try B&Q for xmas tree if u can't get one elsewhere xxx

JamesaFleet: @Dorina335 Maybe. Hate B&Q. Might make one.

JamesaFleet: Starting my own Christmas party, bar open at 16.55. Toast care of Tiny Tim, God bless us, every one.

Dorina335: @JamesaFleet that's not a good look for u darling...

JamesaFleet: *Lets off party popper. Drops sausage roll on keyboard* Merry Christmas.

angloirishgal: @JamesaFleet I'll be joining you in the bar, if I may..had a lovely day, everything nearly done now.

JamesaFleet: @Dorina335 New pic not well received. Mmm.

Ishbel_Haf: @JamesaFleet Knocks tentatively on door. Clears throat. "We three kings of Orient are...."

JamesaFleet: @Ishbel_Haf Lovely. Now it's Christmas, here have some Quality Street.

Tom_In_Oz_: @JamesaFleet Did you see my sunset in Oz snap?

JamesaFleet: @Tom_In_Oz_ Lovely. We had a range of blue to grey to dark grey skies here.

Ishbel_Haf: @JamesaFleet Happily departs munching hazelnut in caramel... xx

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