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Guys with iPhones

ScottyP: So good to see you George!! When are they bringing your show back?

Russell fan: He’s so cute. do you know he's now in this Dior short film with Marion Cotillard? super handsome

LSK: Heyy, it’s you! Loved you in Gavin and Stacey, and Him and Her. Class actor:)

Wooooo: Woof woof

The Nerd: I’ve had my first guy crush on you Russell since Spywatch. You make me blush as Alonzo and seeing you here makes me watch the site daily just in case you're here. If ever you take a break from Grabbers and come to Canada, you'll can come here to share our bed and we'll make sure you'll howl like a wolf.

J: Holy crap, is that Russel Tovey?? I love him!

Nanookhellooo: Russell Tovey. Loved you in Little Dorrit, absolutely heartbreaking. Now onto things more prurient, we already saw your beautiful arse in Being Human, now please turn around for us !!!!

Andy: Cool, it's Russel Tovey!

RogueScholar: I love you, Russel Tovy. I even love your wonderful ears.

Zach: It's my favourite werewolf, Russell Tovey! ^^

Mark: The gorgeous Mr Russel Tovey!

There were numerous other messages but I chose not to feature them due to their lascivious content

.Guys with iPhones

b3n_ifit: @Tom_In_Oz_ there’s a site called "guys with iPhones?" lol

Tom_In_Oz_: @b3n_ifit Yes...naked guys mostly...sorry no further are too young!!! LOL

b3n_ifit: @Tom_In_Oz_ haha tmi !!

...Some men are chick magnets...

...Russell Tovey is a fridge magnet...

NB. The fridge magnets, key tags and digital clock faces shown above were recently on sale at Amazon UK. An enterprising artist has turned hand-drawn pictures into saleable novelty items.

Russell Tovey in Heat

Above: Russell Tovey came in at No.22 in a Heat Magazine poll. This is a magazine that Russell's friend, Boyd Hilton, works for.

(Please click to enlarge picture)

The Fleet’s in & so are his teeth

JamesaFleet: Dentist and hygienist double bill, 11.00 am.

Tom_In_Oz_: @JamesaFleet Hello from Tom in Oz back in the real Oz at quarter past midnight 10 December and it's still 28 degrees Celsius, woo-hoo

JamesaFleet: @Tom_In_Oz_ It'll be good to be home. I think it's thawing today here in Oxfordshire. 28 deg - too hot Tom, turn the fan on.

Tom_In_Oz_: @JamesaFleet We have wind turbine on our island but it keeps facing the wrong way, sadly no breeze. Hope you thaw soon B4 Xmas. BTW how R teeth?

JamesaFleet: @Tom_In_Oz_ Teeth fine. Darkness falling. Temperature dropping.

Tom_In_Oz_: @JamesaFleet As long as it is not teeth falling! Keep smiling is appropriate in this circumstance, eh?

More drama than a

press conference deserves

boydhilton: Someone stop the X Factor press conference! I'm stuck in traffic! Block Simon's path!

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton Boyd, why worry! You can get a copy of Simon's conference speech on was scripted weeks ago!

boydhilton: Got in to X Factor press conference at last minute with help from Louis and Simon. I've had a birthday handshake from Cowell.

russelltovey: @boydhilton you are so freaking cool x

boydhilton: @russelltovey it was all down to Lou-Lou! X

russelltovey: @boydhilton love Lou Lou big time x

boydhilton: @russelltovey he loves you too xx

russelltovey: @boydhilton bring him Saturday!!!!

boydhilton: @russelltovey he's busy!! (he did invite me to the show - told him we were busy)

mrchrissullivan: So who is coming to tainted love at Billie Jeans in Epping tonight? Starts at 8pm my twitties! RT @russelltovey

russelltovey: RT @mrchrissullivan: So who is coming to tainted love at Billie Jeans in Epping tonight? Starts at 8pm my twitties! RT @russelltovey

DavidsUniverse: @russelltovey what are u drinking?

ianthomas74: Something that made me happy today. Perhaps the finest bum I've's @RussellTovey in Him & Her.

CheekTV: J'adore, Dior! Hope you got my new number Rusty. Xxx

DavidBedwell: @russelltovey I was looking forward to seeing you in drag :(

TheOorbz: @russelltovey I hope @stephenfry isn't watching him and her! Funny as though.

CMRanapia: @AllTheNoms You going to fixate on that tighter than my fantasy life and Russell Tovey's arse, aren't you? :)

marcridley: Just met @RussellTovey! Not only a lovely man but an awesome role model - pretty important for people like me. Keeps me strong.

Above: 3 Russell Tovey photographic works by Colin Teague. From the Fold Gallery exhibition London 2010. This is Russell preparing for his role as Gary in the play "A Miracle" by Molly Davis.

She’s back but only in the UK…

bbcbeinghuman: Today feels different. Important. Like there's something in the air. #beinghuman

SineadKeenan: @bbcbeinghuman What are you up to Mr P????????? XXXXXXXX

Tom_In_Oz_: @SineadKeenan @bbcbeinghuman Is this a new form of promo collusion....hope it

SineadKeenan: @barrypilling You are a tease. That is all. X

valeriemeachum: Dreamt @tara_oshea & @neilhimself location scouting, chewed out 4 disrupting rehearsal by @SineadKeenan w/ medieval dress & shaved head. 0_o

SineadKeenan: @valeriemeachum Interesting!!! Did it suit me? The shaved head, not the dress. X

barrypilling: Muhahahahahaaa. RT @SineadKeenan: You are a tease. That is all. X

barrypilling: It's not a date announcement. Very cold. RT @_llamaface: So... January 9th then?

bbcbeinghuman: Something is going to happen. We can feel it. #beinghuman

barrypilling: Still at work. Getting excited nerves..

marcuswhitney1: @barrypilling what on earth is going on? Why are you so excited?

Ishbel_Haf: @barrypilling if you go on teasing like this, people will think you've taken blog burlesque lessons! Xx

bbcbeinghuman: Is everyone's TV working correctly?#beinghuman

KnaveoG: @bbcbeinghuman Remote, remote where did I put my bloody remote?

angloirishgal: @marcuswhitney1 I think @barrypilling has at last managed to clone Aidan! How are you? D-day tomorrow!

valeriemeachum: @bbcbeinghuman Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Bloody begin already! ;-D #incorrigibletease

beinghumanfan: Not hear long...just wondered if anyone had noticed the BH facebook picture? X

bbcbeinghuman: She always was an incredibly powerful ghost #beinghuman

Lionesskeeper: @beinghumanfan NO! I'll check it now, sounds good

beinghumanfan: @angloirishgal hey! It's in b&w and Annie has a pink circle around her...I'm thinking trailer? X

valeriemeachum: @bbcbeinghuman I smell a "break on through to the other side" moment. PLEASE tell me this will be recorded for posterity & overseas fans!

bbcbeinghuman: ***ANNIE IS BACK***

KnaveoG: New blog - first comment – smugness

bbcbeinghuman: THE ANNIE BROADCASTS HAVE BEGUN #beinghuman

imjustanerd: I can't see any of the videos @bbcbeinghuman posted :(

valeriemeachum: @imjustanerd Betting someone will have em on YouTube by the time I get home. I'd go crazy if thought otherwise. #annieareyouok #beinghuman

Lionesskeeper: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh am so frickkin excited about new #beinghuman Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

angloirishgal: @barrypilling @bbcbeinghuman Cool...Annie is coming over from the other side! It looks like they're keeping her in a cage..

Tom_In_Oz_: @barrypilling all the anticipation is only for UK because they don't play outside UK yet! BUGGER!

barrypilling: Just launched a new Being Human viral campaign - The Annie Broadcasts #beinghuman

theladyreed: @barrypilling Annie is my fave!! thankyou thankyou thankyou!! I had a sneaky idea that this is what would happen. I love it!! Xx

bbcbeinghuman: The Annie Broadcasts change everything. Will she make it back? Discuss with other #beinghuman fans on the blog...

bbcbeinghuman: NEW PIC: Annie is sending messages from the other side... #beinghuman

Trying to cotton-on

antonycotton: Sorry I can't answer everyone - I'm getting a lot of tweets at the moment. Which I am loving btw. ROFLMAO and of course, LOL.

Tom_In_Oz_: @antonycotton answer me,answer me,answer me,answer me,answer me,answer me,answer me,answer me,answer me,answer me,answer me,answer me PLEASE

antonycotton: @Tom_In_Oz_ you haven't questioned...

Tom_In_Oz_: @antonycotton Dear Anthony what is your opinion on TV show Being Human...please?

Tom_In_Oz_: @anthonycotton And the line goes cold!


Meipehogimirim: @niku1934 love to be at the Art Attack Auction, finger crossed, will RT outbid me LOL J Xx @russelltovey

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