Friday, December 10, 2010



A Russian Blue &

Aunty Russell too

russelltovey: I'm going to be cat sitting Nelly all this week and i can't wait!! X

MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey Our little girl Nelly can't wait to stay with her favourite auntie!

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 :•) x x x

jaydn1981: @russelltovey Allons-y, Alonzo!!! *hug* you are superb in every way :)

LukeyBoiii: @russelltovey any news of Him & Her - Series 2?

Bumper5: @russelltovey I’m cat sitting too.2 "geezer" boy's called Bodge it & Leg it!

onlypc: @russelltovey and I'll be cat sitting @MatthewCainC4 - so excited!

TrentWBaddeley: @russelltovey, lucky you...when I cat sit my housemate cat, I get scratches all over me....I hope 'Nelly' isn't a demon cat.

Colodgh: @russelltovey yay! I love cat sitting :) they do complain after a while tho and you have to get up off them. Fun while it lasts :)

imstunnning: @LauraBeddington @russelltovey nothing wrong with gay and I’m straight, concentrate on poor parenting aka Katie Price, bring back good parents

Poxo01: @russelltovey I cat sitting for two weeks ha I beat ya .... #smuglookonface #ibeatyourrun

jaybs: @russelltovey Done babysitting, but never cat sitting, I presume Nelly will be cute as well! J x

plumsiren: @russelltovey Pictures!!

farscaper_here: @russelltovey Go Cat all round then ;)

keith1974: @russelltovey Ahh bless. Lucky Nelly :) *PURRS*

Gatz77: @russelltovey So many pussy jokes!

QueenGeeKen: @russelltovey So upset they are making an American version of Being Human. Your version is so much better. xoxo

Elaine1981: @russelltovey are you a closet crazy cat man?!

JoeTaylorLand: @russelltovey don't sit on it too hard. pussys don't like that. apparently.

Del_1961: @russelltovey cue pussy jokes

moogal: @russelltovey Wasn't Nelly an elephant?

Craigyboi: Is it wrong the more I watch @bbcbeinghuman the more I fancy @russelltovey ... sorry @jimbob_2k6

Chelseagezza: @russelltovey out 2nite on the town ?

russelltovey: @chelseagezza yes you?

Chelseagezza: @russelltovey yeah it's a must.. Hopefully see you out ;)

russelltovey: @chelseagezza prob be around rupert St

Chelseagezza: @russelltovey dm me digits - don't drink too much....

chelseagezza: @russelltovey beers my place end of a boss night out ;)

Russell has a "virtual hermit"

Twitter status turnaround

guy_interruptd: Can someone please tell me why on *earth* I agreed to meet @stevevankampen for a run at 6:30am? This is madness! MADNESS!

AWOLTom: @guy_interruptd I know the like running half naked through the streets of London...I'm right, aren't I?

mrchrissullivan: Three hours sleep- full day of work and party tonight......Bring It!!!!!

stevevankampen: #FF to @guy_interruptd for making a valiant attempt at joining me on my morning run

guy_interruptd: #ff to @stevevankampen - the only man who's ever managed to get me out of bed at 6am without the promise of money or sex.

russelltovey: @stevevankampen I'm up for joining one morn... X

stevevankampen: @russelltovey you in Clapham mate? Maybe we can start a gay running club ;)

russelltovey: @stevevankampen I'm north... I want to be in the club though x

guy_interruptd: @CloughPT @stevevankampen yay! Let's get the Tovester along! Monday, 6:30? @russelltovey

stevevankampen: @russelltovey I'm sure we can do other times... What do you say @guy_interruptd...? Sunday evening? The more the merrier ;)

guy_interruptd: @stevevankampen @russelltovey yeah! come on Sunday, then come get ratted at the Kaz with us! You can have a shower at mine if you need to x

guy_interruptd: @stevevankampen yup, can do it before X Factor final at Kaz, :) @CloughPT @russelltovey

russelltovey: Hungover... So terribly hungover x

barrypilling: @russelltovey Sit down, have a nice cup of tea and check out An awesome Lenora in the new Annie Broadcasts...

SineadKeenan: @russelltovey Snap!!!!!!!! Xxxxx

russelltovey: @stevevankampen @guy_interruptd Im @ things all day Sunday.. Sunday eve could work! can we run @ midnight? X

stevevankampen: @guy_interruptd @russelltovey I like this plan!

stevevankampen: @guy_interruptd @russelltovey oh I read that wrong for a moment there... And I will be in bed! Running at midnight? What are u like lol

guy_interruptd: @russelltovey @stevevankampen I'll be pissed in a corner by then lol

russelltovey: @stevevankampen @guy_interruptd Play it by ear on the day huh? Woody, you got my number right? X

stevevankampen: @russelltovey @guy_interruptd sounds good. Let's pencil in 6pm yeah K?

guy_interruptd: @russelltovey @stevevankampen yup, will text you Sun xx

russelltovey: @guy_interruptd @stevevankampen Hot x

guy_interruptd: @russelltovey @stevevankampen Cool by me! I think @CloughPT will prob want to join us!

guy_interruptd: @CloughPT @russelltovey @stevevankampen Yeah, Steve doesn't run so much as canter

stevevankampen: @guy_interruptd @cloughpt @russelltovey like a horse, right?

guy_interruptd: @stevevankampen @cloughpt @russelltovey hang on, are we still talking about the same thing here?!

stevevankampen: @guy_interruptd @cloughpt @russelltovey lol you tell me?! Anyway enough of this, I have work that I should pretend I'm doing ;)

russelltovey::@stevevankampen @guy_interruptd @cloughpt possibly see you Sunday! x

EmilyMax: @SineadKeenan @russelltovey Sending imaginary cups of tea through the interwebs.

russelltovey: Still feel drunk... How to sober quick? Any cures? On it again tonight so need to be fresh x

DanielleBlyth: @russelltovey full fat coke! Like two litres of it!! Quick!! Lol

russelltovey: @DanielleBlyth 2 litres????? WTF? Ha ha x

kittyfisherp: @russelltovey milk thistle and ready salted crisps

russelltovey: @kittyfisherp ha ha ha ha!!!!! X what a random combo x

MoonChildMe: @russelltovey SLEEP! Every hour's sleep gets rid of 2/3 of a drink. Take MILK THISTLE as it helps the liver get rid, ARTICHOKES too

russelltovey: @MoonChildMe milk thistle is my friend... X

MoonChildMe: Happy at a tweet from @russelltovey & boasted on his Facebook fan page. Is boasting bad and wrong? :o)

russelltovey: @MoonChildMe boasting is hot!! X

mythmoonwitch: @russelltovey umm-hop in your time machine & go back to last night and smack yourself to stop you drinking too much :)

russelltovey: @mythmoonwitch :-) x

lucasowen85: @russelltovey Vitamin C, salt and simple carbs. OJ and a cheese & Marmite panini from Starbucks should do it.

russelltovey: @lucasowen85 marmite paninni??? Hideous.. So much bread in a paninni? How do you spell paninininni? X

MoonChildMe: @russelltovey Ah, milk thistle... tis nectar to me. Banana milkshake is great cure, you should get one of those down yer neck xx

russelltovey: @MoonChildMe drinking strawberry protein drink and had a berocca x

celdunn: @russelltovey Iron Bru!

russelltovey: @celdunn seriously? Ok x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey I need sleep!!! Hangover cure- 2 aspirin- sugar and water

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan gb!!! We are on it tonight you cow x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey On it like a fat kid on cake!

lucasowen85: @russelltovey Haha, Marmite is an acquired taste I guess. Bread is what you need! Simple sugars your body can turn into energy FAST!

russelltovey: @lucasowen85 wonderful... Simple fast fat... Hot thanks x

mortskelli: @russelltovey Try a long shower and good food.

russelltovey: @mortskelli I'm sitting stark naked drinking a milkshake and about to jump in the shower... X

tobiased: @russelltovey An hour's excruciating cardio, a hot shower and a large glass of orange juice works for me. Or sleep it off...

russelltovey: @tobiased hmmmmm... Allergies to oj x

atomicboy47: @russelltovey you tried berroca? Tropical flavours the best! X

russelltovey: @atomicboy47 tick x

russelltovey: What a wonderful wrangle of wittys I have... And all so knowledgable when it comes to booze... ;-) x

sophoife: @russelltovey Reversing your virtual hermit twitter status ;)

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