Tuesday, June 21, 2011


you go girls

russelltovey: RT @GinaDavy: @SineadKeenan @russelltovey Could you please RT a Get Well for lovely BH Blogger @ClaraEmms? She's v sick with meningitis & sepicaemia. xxx

russelltovey: Finding HEAT magazine on a long train journey is like striking gold! X

DaleStephenson: @russelltovey got to be done! :) x twitpic.com/5eujgz

russelltovey: @Daletephenson too hot for me but congrats brave man x

THEKERRYHOWARD: I have arrived on the set #MONGRELS and I'm pregnant! X

russelltovey: @THEKERRYHOWARD amaze!!!! X

THEKERRYHOWARD: @russelltovey alright my babydarling x

russelltovey: @THEKERRYHOWARD missing you my little hairy cupcake.. You alright smelly bum? X

ovekeico: @russelltovey @J_JWang Tracey emin has been selected to design olympics poster in 2012. AMazing n really exciting.

russelltovey: @lovekeico v exciting!! :-) x

fany6333: @russelltovey when will you reply to my tweet? :( anyway i love you!

russelltovey: @fany6333 hello!!!!!! :-) x

russelltovey : RT @Flirtyandthirty: @russelltovey doing #raceforlife 3rd July please sponsor me and my daughter raceforlifesponsorme.org/sarahmitchell2…

russelltovey : RT @I_am_JonnyCaw: ATTENTION: this is vile! Report this @fcklilgirls if you are one of it's 200+ followers I hope you get in just as much shit as the creator!

bradleykidner: @russelltovey Report @fcklilgirls, he deserves to rot in jail for what he wants to do and act upon. Report him via email: cp@twitter.com

russelltovey: @bradleykidner I've reported it...

bradleykidner: @russelltovey Good, I just want him off twitter ASAP, it's disgusting the things he's tweeting!

russelltovey: RT @YoureSoVain: How Did I Miss @Sheridansmith1 & @russelltovey In this Vid It Been Up For 3 Months... youtube.com/watch?v=BVcEXh… Well I've Seen It Now...

russelltovey: Who wants to see Him and Her repeated on BBC1?? RT x

boydhilton: @russelltovey I've always said it's so hot it should premiere on BBC1! x

VN_Stuart: @russelltovey everything that you are in should be shown at the highest level

russelltovey: @VN_Stuart sweet :-) xx

TheArtOfCake: @russelltovey I started off quite liking Him and Her but had to stop watching after she picked your nose and ate it. #feelsickthinkingofit

russelltovey: @TheArtOfCake she never ate it. She wiped it on the duvet x

ArgylePhil: @russelltovey nobody... oops

russelltovey: @ArgylePhil wrong!!! X

OnlyWayIsEssex: Eyes Wide Shut-Up #EssexMovie

russelltovey: @OnlyWayIsEssex 'oh how Funny Girl' #essexmovie

C4kingof: They may be man's best friend, keep us entertained, even rescue children from wells (apparently), but who is King Of DOGS? #kingof

russelltovey: @C4kingof pug

writerofictions: @russelltovey I know you don't care, but I had such a horrid day yesterday. Watching you on Being Human made me feel a bit better.

russelltovey: @writerofictions I do care, and I am pleased Being Human cheered you x

camdengiles: Today I'm learning to be a hard-nosed bastard in finance. There is no love in business. Only money. And power.

russelltovey: @camdengiles you go girl x

russelltovey: RT @boydhilton: The lovely @tessamatchett out of the BBC confirms Him & Her with @Russelltovey and @Solemani WILL be repeated soon on BBC1!

russelltovey: “@boydhilton Lovely@tessamatchett BBC confirms Him & Her with @Russelltovey and @Solemani WILL be repeated soon on BBC1!” as if by magic x

russelltovey: RT @tessamatchett: @russelltovey this may not have reached you but #bbc1 will repeat Him and Her this summer - date and time confirmed tomorrow Excellent news.

russelltovey: RT @RoxRobin: Him & Her with @russelltovey & @Solemani will be repeated on #BBCOne soon!

russelltovey: RT @kaices: Russell Tovey: Drop in HD vimeo.com/9065661

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