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In the 3D, stop motion-animated The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Hugh Grant, stars in his first animated role as the luxuriantly bearded Pirate Captain — a boundlessly enthusiastic, if somewhat less-than-successful, terror of the High Seas. With a rag-tag crew at his side (Martin Freeman, Brendan Gleeson, Russell Tovey, and Ashley Jensen), and seemingly blind to the impossible odds stacked against him, the Captain has one dream: to beat his bitter rivals Black Bellamy (Jeremy Piven) and Cutlass Liz (Salma Hayek) to the much coveted Pirate Of The Year Award. It’s a quest that takes our heroes from the shores of exotic Blood Island to the foggy streets of Victorian London. Along the way they battle a diabolical queen (Imelda Staunton) and team up with a haplessly smitten young scientist (David Tennant), but never lose sight of what a pirate loves best: adventure! The director/producer is Peter Lord of Aardman Studios.


San Diego Comic-Con 2011 is but two weeks away, and the first full day of the convention is Thursday 21st of July.

At 12:45 p.m. Sony Pictures Animation/Aardman showcase - "Arthur Christmas" and "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" (Hall H). Speaker will be Peter Lord of Aardman.

Russell Tovey as George in Being Human

Russell Tovey as George in Being Human

Russell Tovey being cute as George in Being Human


russelltovey: RT @StudioVoltaire: Nice @timeoutlondon review of our Hayley Tompkins exhibition.. Four stars..

RichieInLondon: I'm at Soho Gyms (12 Macklin St., London)

RichieInLondon: Gym done! And @guy_interruptd didn't have me throwing up. Result. Bumped into @russelltovey as well. Coffee time!

russelltovey: Heavy heavy leg session in the gym today and half hour treadmill... Now eating steak and egg! X

russelltovey: My trainer Dan... Discuss x

stevecs: @russelltovey Shouldnt you have waited until he was off the toilet? or does he always have that expression?

russelltovey: #trainerdan wants to show off.... Is this acceptable? X

markwilson77: @russelltovey bug it's Tank How's things I can't believe you've got a picture of Dan on there and not me....not happy

russelltovey: @markwilson77 hey Tank! Ha ha. X

markwilson77: @russelltovey mate it's TANK!!!! Follow me, P.S. Having a beer with Dan...

russelltovey: Billericay bound x

BoyGeorge: Justin Bond is in town!

russelltovey: @BoyGeorge I love JB x

bokwithwings: @russelltovey hi saw you outside forbidden planet today with @MonsterPanPan. You're looking well. thanks for saying hi. have a good weekend.


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