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Xmas Adventure Pt.1 - No.1236

Dear Tom,
when I said that I – well actually all of us – missed you dearly in London, that wasn’t just some sweet talk, that was the truth. You should have been there with us and you should have seen all for yourself. But you were there in spirit and omnipresent in our thoughts and in our conversations. I tried to tweet as much as possible and shoot as many photos as I could... in the end I realised that I haven’t tweeted and included you nearly as much as I intended to. I am truly sorry for that but when I meet people, I want to concentrate on the conversations I have with them rather than report any little detail immediately via text and miss out on so much of the direct interaction. I really hope you didn’t feel neglected. You really were with us all the time!!!
I know that the term “home away from home” is a bit overused but that’s exactly what London is to me. And it means a lot to me that after nearly 20 years of visiting this city it had yet provided me with a completely new and amazingly pleasant experience. I am a very realistic and rational person. I am completely aware of the fact that people can pretend to be whatever they want, they can be whoever they want and create a cyber-personality that has nothing to do with what they are in real life – especially on social media platforms like Twitter. Getting along with someone on the internet doesn’t mean you will click with him or her in real life. Even though I think I can tell who is genuine and who is putting on a show (even if you only know the person from what he/she writes), our meeting in London could have gone sooooo wrong. After all we were four complete strangers. After what you’ve heard from all of us by now, it won’t come as a surprise to you when I say, it didn’t go wrong. There wasn’t an awkward second from the word go. We all clicked and we all had an amazing time. At least that’s how I’ve perceived it.
There wasn’t a second of our meetings that felt strange or you had the feeling you just don’t know what to talk about with those complete strangers. What made the meetings so special to me was the fact that we were not just a bunch of people who were out having a bit of fun, but all of us showed a lot of empathy and care for each other. We all reached a point of real conversation that went past the superficial chitchat... and we reached that point rather fast and rather easy. No one was pretending to be anything he or she wasn’t, no one was putting on a show or was trying to impress with some phony attitude.
It was quality time with real friends (and I never use the term friendship carelessly) with one friend missing to complete “The Famous Five”
Sending you tons of hugs and loads of love...
Tom Markstahler
(your twin)


A Christmas Serial
Tom Markstahler


Dear Tom,
Since you didn’t join us in London and therefore THE FAMOUS FIVE remained incomplete, I had an idea how to include you in the fun.
(Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!!! It’s always dangerous when a German has an “idea”! It’s even more dangerous when said German talks about “fun”). Each one of us five got a fluffy alter ego.
I have given Pat [@demelza2] a bunny,
patricia Ledwith
Andrew [@rudehamster] (prepare yourself for a shock...) a hamster
and Mark [@MarkMMerrett] a dragon as a pressie.
I have treated myself [@TMarkstahler] to a tiny mouse.
Following the nickname “blog bear”, given by my genius little brother Mark, you [@Tom_in_Oz_]
Tom In Oz ✔
will receive Ozziebear.
I will send him over to you to spend the rest of his life in Australia.
Since Ozziebear will not make it in time for Christmas, I will show you his adventures in London via email over the days leading up to Christmas.
Having a fluffy version of the five of us gives us the opportunity to have at least one complete group photo... erm... well, nearly... almost... sort of...
Ozziebear is a bit of a poser and he didn’t mind being photographed in front of the most famous London sights. During the next few days you will see all of Ozziebear’s holiday snaps. In the process of shooting those I myself ended up on countless Chinese and Japanese snapshots and made a lot of new “friends'”. Did you know that means “insane” in Chinese?
Have fun and Merry Christmas...
(your twin)

To begin is the end of the story…

This is Ozziebear leaving London at St. Pancras Station 15th Dec 2011...
...and this is a very tired Ozziebear arriving in Germany last night!
To be continued...

Later that night
patricia Ledwith
demelza2: @MarkMMerrett @tmarkstahler @tom_in_oz_ @rudehamster ok all, time for my bed, lots of love xxxx

TMarkstahler: @demelza2 @markmmerrett @tom_in_oz_ @rudehamster Gute Nacht und süße Träume!!! Sleep well, Pat! :-)x
patricia Ledwith

demelza2: @TMarkstahler @markmmerrett @tom_in_oz_ @rudehamster thank you xx sweet dreams x such a nice thing to say xx

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @TMarkstahler @demelza2 @markmmerrett @rudehamster translated that means "get knotted and scream in trauma" see German is sooo easy!!
patricia Ledwith
demelza2: @Tom_In_Oz_ @tmarkstahler @markmmerrett @rudehamster ha ha ha ha xx
MarkMMerrett: @Tom_In_Oz_ @TMarkstahler @demelza2 @rudehamster evil tommy hehe
TMarkstahler: @Tom_In_Oz_ @demelza2 @markmmerrett @rudehamster You are absolutely hopeless, Ozman! *facepalm*
mabelalexa: Photo: Russell Tovey as George Sands for @Tom_in_Oz_ / @AWOLTom / @RussTov_FanSite and @MarkMMerrett

Above: Click map to enlarge. The moment I sent out tweets about the Xmas Adventures of the Famous Five it started to trend on Twitter in NSW Oz.

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