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Further Adventures Pt.19 - No.1282

Above: Press play to see the UK Being Human team at the 2010 London ComicCon stall. Russell and the gang talk to fans and Tovey blog supporter @Dorina335 gets to have a little chat on camera.
 Above: Mark (a fan) and Russell Tovey at London ComicCon 2010.
Below: Mark (a fan) with Russell Tovey & Sinead Keenan at Birmingham Memorabilia Convention 2010.


A FluffTail
Tom Markstahler
© 2012
Continued from post No.1279


There was still no current news from Ozziebear in Kehl Germany. The last up-to-date news the Australian cousins had was a quick email late one night to say his trip to Newcastle Australia had been delayed, first by sickness (bear flu) and then by major dental work. Apparently, Ozziebear was in need of a "drill and fill" and still had more bleaching procedures to come. He said he'd send some sightseeing pictures over when he could because the next dentist visit was still a fortnight away.
The Oz cousins were just biding their time when another foreign cousin happened to be passing through Newcastle on his way to Sydney to a Recycling and Green Waste Management Convention. It was their uncle Rocky who was born in Bulgaria, but was nowadays a resident of Wimbledon London. Rocky had been a spokesperson for various campaigns on litter and recycling over the years and had his own weekly TV show in Europe back when he was 30 years younger.
Kylie Bear and Lady C. Dog decided to entertain uncle Rocky by taking him out to the back yard and showing him the local sights. The first place they went was into the conjoined frangipani trees that grew in the back garden. One half was yellowish and one half was pinkish. Both halves grew out of the same trunk! Kylie enjoyed climbing the trees but Lady had a few moments where she lost grip and dangled high off the ground. Luckily for Lady she had a strong jaw and clung onto the branches - it was probably the first time where her bite was better than her bark!
The two youngsters did a great job of showing their uncle the nearby sights from high in the tree. Even though he was old, Rocky certainly kept up the best he could. He was cautious and careful about the way he climbed. He was not going to go out on a limb and do something stupid! He told the youngsters they could take a leaf from his book, after all, age is the bringer of wisdom! By the kid's reckoning he must have been very wise in deed!
Now, uncle wore thick glasses and his eyesight was not the best, nor for that matter his hearing. Towards the end of their climb the two youngsters told uncle to watch for the flame bush that happened to grow next to the frangipani but uncle didn't understand their instructions, he started to panic because he thought they meant to watch out for the bush that had flames! And of course with his poor eyesight all he could see was red and amber burning leaves out in front! Rocky panicked and froze!
The two youngsters had reached the ground by the time they realised uncle was still high above. They couldn't make uncle budge so they ran inside and said to Snowy Bear that they needed help as uncle was stuck in the tree and panicking. Within seconds, Snowy had climbed the bougainvillea and mounted the fence. He sat there for a little while to gain his composure before tackling the next leg of his rescue. All his life Snowy had been a good fence-sitter! Finally he reached into the frangipani to grab hold of uncle...
Then when uncle was down back safe on the ground the whole gang organised a picnic lunch under the orange hibiscus in the back yard. Uncle Rocky, Sheila, Kylie, Snowy, Macca, Lady C. and Bruce had certainly had another exciting day in the land of Oz. Sheepishly, uncle Rocky put his head down and told the gang he couldn’t wait to get back home to Wimbledon to tell the family about the Australian “bush fire” he had survived!

To be continued...


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