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Further Adventures Pt.20 - No.1284

Russell Tovey has used firearms in the following TV shows:

In the 2002 episode of Ultimate Force "The Killing House" (S01E01) Russell Tovey played “Weasel” and carried a Colt Commander.
In the 2012 episode of Sherlock “The Hounds of Baskerville” (S02E02) Russell Tovey played Henry Knight and carried a Beretta 92FS Inox.
In 2010 Russell developed his own guns for Him and Her season one.

A FluffTail
Tom Markstahler
© 2012
Continued from post No.1282


It was mid January 2012 when the Australian cousins got news from Ozziebear in the form of a very perplexing postcard that he'd sent from the town of Kehl in Germany. Apparently Kehl was close to the Black Forest and earlier in January, Ozzie had gone there and purchased a Douglas Fir to give to his host Tom Markstahler. The caption on the postcard was very cryptic it said, 
"You can't see my wood for the forest!"
Meanwhile, back in Newcastle, Ozziebear's Australian cousins were entertaining two foreign relatives that had come to Tom in Oz's house. Lady Cuddles Retriever Dog from Croydon London had been in Newcastle for almost a week by the time their uncle from Bulgaria had arrived. The Aussie cousins were old hands at being tourism ambassadors and loved to show foreign visitors around. So one day they went to the picnic area at the beach front for lunch and sightseeing.
Snowy Bear was very clever (for a plush toy) and could read! He explained that the local beach had a big yellow sign that said that the whole beach was designated just for them.
So without much hesitation the whole gang finished their picnic lunch and ran helter skelter down the 39 steps onto the sandy beach. The little ones of course helped their uncle every step of the way.
They tried to blend in with a crowd of naked sun-baking humans but were too scared to venture out. So they hid quietly amongst some driftwood and watched from there. Well, things were quiet until Lady saw a man with a bone and started barking!
They shushed Lady and waited a little while longer until the humans had gone so they too could go out for some bear sun-baking. Uncle from Bulgaria still kept his tartan robe on though, as he'd never been naked in all his life and said it was unnatural! Snowy kept his clothes on too. He said his bits were too wobbly and hideously white to be naked on a beach. It was extremely hot and Snowy tried to keep the little ones from being burnt to a crisp by wearing Tom in Oz's sun hat which acted just like a shady umbrella.
As the afternoon sun blazed down, Snowy insisted on taking the gang to the Lions Park which was just next to the beach. The two foreign visitors thought it sounded really terrific until they got there and none of the locals would say g'day. They were met by stony silence. Snowy had brought them to the Lions Park hoping they would be able to introduce the foreign guests to the locals but the park was all but empty. It didn't stop them from having fun though!
They went on the big blue ferris wheel, played bear hugs on the lawn and raced along the edge of the harbour. Snowy called the gang to come over to the climbing frame and big yellow slide. He insisted on going first to make sure their path was clear…
...and when Snowy got to the bottom the others all followed in a rush!
They had certainly had an idyllic day in Oz. They'd nearly finished playing at the Lions Park when Snowy insisted on trying one more thing to see if he could make some new friends. He went over to the swings...
...because he'd heard that the park was often used as a meeting place for lots of swingers!

To be continued...

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