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Further Adventures Pt.17 - No.1278

kerry howard
THEKERRYHOWARD: Oh thank god you are alive #Sherlock for a minute then I thought auditioning for the next series would be an impossibility. Oh wait, it still is
boydhilton: There aren't many 90-minute TV dramas you can watch twice in a week and enjoy immensely both times. #Sherlock
Russell Tovey ✔
RussTov_FanSite: @boydhilton So are you saying this week's was a good as the Tovey episode???
boydhilton: @RussTov_FanSite better
Russell Tovey ✔
Steven Moffat
steven_moffat: #sherlock Yes of course there's going to be a third series - it was commissioned at the same time as the second. Gotcha!
Mark Gatiss
Markgatiss: Gotcha! And of course there'll be a third series! It was commissioned at the same time as series two!!
kerry howard
THEKERRYHOWARD: @Markgatiss huge fan by the way, well not that huge I go to the gym regularly. #boombadjokealertsorry x
sue vertue
suevertue: Picture is from the writers' room!

Sam Watts
SamWatts1: @russelltovey I bloody hope it will be you doing the voice over for new series of sun sex suspicious parents???
russell tovey
russelltovey: @SamWatts1 I am x
LauraGravestock: Squealed when I nearly bumped into @russelltovey near spitalfields! #goodsunday

russell tovey
russelltovey: RT @ChristiesInc: Save the Date! Christie’s Celebrates ‘The Collector’ at The Museum of Mankind in London. 16-27 January 2012:

TMarkstahler: @RussTov_FanSite  @markmmerrett  @rudehamster  Morning Oz Tommy I see you and the London boys have had a nice telephone chat. All is good with me!!!
Russell Tovey ✔
RussTov_FanSite:  @TMarkstahler  @markmmerrett  @rudehamster  yes just had long chat - 3hrs last night and 1hr this morn to both Hammy and Bubs. The good news at mo is that you are out and about – woo-hoo and feeling way better! Mr Hammy is a little pooped again though with his medical condition!
MarkMMerrett: @RussTov_FanSite  @TMarkstahler  @rudehamster  it’s great isn’t it, I think hammy has fallen back to sleep lol
TMarkstahler: @RussTov_FanSite @markmmerrett @rudehamster I know, a bit of Bubs Merrett can take a lot of strength out of a little fragile hamster!!! ;-)
TMarkstahler: @RussTov_FanSite  @markmmerrett  @rudehamster  Yes, doing good atm. Need to stop tweeting now. In case I don’t catch you before beddie will say have.a good night Tommy and sleep well!!!
Russell Tovey ✔
RussTov_FanSite: @MarkMMerrett  @TMarkstahler  Mr @rudehamster is morphine-comatose right now and having odd dreams about little chef cooking in apron - Mark sent this pic last night from when the two of them made risotto.
MarkMMerrett: @RussTov_FanSite  @TMarkstahler  @rudehamster that was fun last night with the outfits on and cooking away
Russell Tovey ✔
RussTov_FanSite:  @TMarkstahler  @markmmerrett  @rudehamster  German Tom, a red/white check pattern just came to me as a very clear vision - don't know what that means prob ur undie's pattern. lol. Like Italian restaurant tablecloth...
TMarkstahler: @RussTov_FanSite  @markmmerrett  @rudehamster They had two patterns for aprons the one Mark was wearing in the photo he tweeted last night and a .red and white check. I decided to send Hammy and Mark the one in the pic as a present.
Russell Tovey ✔
RussTov_FanSite: @TMarkstahler  @markmmerrett  @rudehamster so it was an apron not tablecloth pretty close - thanks TM for that - see am not crazy with my visions - tell your other half you and I still got the psychic twin thing going even if she thinks it is a load of hokum x x x
TMarkstahler:  @RussTov_FanSite  @markmmerrett  @rudehamster  This doesn't prove that you are not crazy ;-) 
rudehamster: @MarkMMerrett @RussTov_FanSite night guy's. Tom, we'll speak tomorrow. X Mark, you're a lovely house guest. Sleep well. X
patricia Ledwith
demelza2 @RussTov_FanSite @markmmerrett  @tmarkstahler  night night xxx


A FluffTail
Tom Markstahler
© 2012
Continued from post No.1275


Helmut was not your typical party animal he was a very responsible young hamster. He had spent time over Christmas and New Year making his way from Kehl Germany to Bow London to start a new working life in the London Metropolitan Police. Helmut was there to work with friend and colleague Detective Prickles. It was Prickles Hedgehog, a wide-eyed and sharp dressed policeman that suggested Andrew’s house would be a cheap place for Helmut to stay. But, Helmut wasn't exactly feeling at home with his new owner Andrew because Andrew was never there and wild house parties just kept happening with regular abandon. If it wasn't for Prickles then Helmut would have felt very lonely. There were hundreds of sheep there one night, Helmut didn't know why, until Prickles explained that they were a flash-mob!
It was always noisy at Andrew's house and some of the people seemed to act really peculiar, even more unintelligible than a drunk Australian. Poor young Helmut was not used to the constant rave partying that was happening. Helmut was very sleep-deprived and weary but luckily Prickles made him feel a little more at ease. 
"Vot iz wrong wiz zeze people," Helmut asked Prickles? 
"Surely zay kud have a better time zan zis most nights of zee veek?"
Prickles said to Helmut that he should meet some of the quieter locals and see if he could make some new friends. One particularly quiet night, at one of Andrew's parties, Prickles and Helmut started talking to Sonic Hedgehog and a well-heeled dog called Andrex Cottonelle-Scott (both of whom were owned by the very quiet Mark Merrett). Sonic revealed to Prickles that he worked for the London Drug Squad and that Andrex was a Narcotics Inspector that specialised in tracking down criminals by their long trail of paperwork, and that the two of them were working undercover to catch an international drug dealer. Prickles and Helmut explained that they too were working for a different police unit, and said if there was anything they could do to help catch this drug dealer, they would...
Sonic and Andrex instantly thanked Helmut and Prickles for their offer and they asked Prickles to gather some of the locals who might be able to volunteer to help with their current case. Apparently drugs were being distributed via rave parties in London and they were being shipped-in from all over the world. At the meeting there was Dragonite Dragon, Crème de la Hamster, Prickles Hedgehog, Helmut Hamster, Sonic Hedgehog, Andrex C. Scott, Police Inspector Jasper Bunny and a few other civic-minded people, deep in a circle of discussion. Within minutes they had knowledge of a man simply known as "Mr. Big in Oz" who was running operations from an unknown Australian base but who had lowlife working for him selling drugs at parties...
Dragonite Dragon kept insisting he was the best person to help with undercover surveillance and finally convinced everyone he should be the man to carry a concealed microphone and try to get evidence against the notorious "Mr. Big in Oz." Inspector Jasper Bunny gave Dragonite the wherewithal and showed him how to work the undercover equipment needed to catch the criminal mastermind. Dragonite kept reassuring Inspector Bunny that he was going to be safe, "Don't worry Inspector...if those crooks try anything, they'll be TOAST!"
Inspector Rabbit sent Dragonite into one of the rave parties "wired for sound." Jasper waited nervously at his command desk but he didn't have to wait long. Within minutes he'd heard all the evidence he needed to be able to break this international gang. Two seconds later, Jasper was talking via computer to police and drug enforcement agencies all over the world...
 Jasper also contacted his undercover twin sister Kiki D. Bunny who was working on the same case but in Newcastle Australia. Kiki D. had been waiting a long time for a lead that would eventually help solve the identity of "Mr Big in Oz." Like a flash, Kiki was down at the wharves with a search team ready to collect evidence from one of the big ships that was just arriving from London...
 It turned out that "Mr Big" was a local identity in Newcastle that ran two legitimate businesses to cover for his drug operations. "Mr Big" was a well-respected shipping and fridge magnate...

With the case now solved it was time to party! Jasper, Andrex, Prickles, Helmut, Crème, Sonic and his Ozzie boyfriend Knuckles the Echidna, and the "hero of the hour" Dragonite, partied like it was 1999! Partying unto the wee small hours - all "cutting the rug" and having a great time... was great until Mark Merrett arrived home and discovered his rug was cut! Then the fur began to fly...

To be continued...

Tom MacRae
tommacwriter: Bad Film Night with  @russelltovey  @MatthewCainC4 @camdengiles  @DannyLeeWynter and @boydhilton - tonight: Body Of Evidence! Ouch!

Giles Cooper
camdengiles: RT @tommacwriter: Bad Film Night with @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 @camdengiles @DannyLeeWynter and @boydhilton - tonight: Body Of Evidence! Ouch!
boydhilton: Body Of Evidence: even worse than I remembered. #badmovienight
MatthewCainC4: RT @boydhilton: Body Of Evidence: even worse than I remembered. #badmovienight
Giles Cooper
camdengiles: Me and Ernie. My new best bud.
MatthewCainC4: Here's me at Bad Film Club post-Body of Evidence with Ernie the Wonderdog!
RichCain: @boydhilton I love that movie! Madonna rather bad (as always) but rather fabulously bad. In a good way? Right?
boydhilton: @RichCain the sex scenes are bad in a great way. But the rest is tedious!

s. t. sastrawidjaja
stsastrawidjaja: @DannyLeeWynter  @camdengiles @MatthewCainC4  @boydhilton  @russelltovey Thanks for coming last night, boys...Ernie's ass is sore today! #mdna

russell tovey

russelltovey: @stsastrawidjaja it was seriously hot x
Above: Russell Tovey with Danny Lee Wynter
Above: Danny Lee Wynter and Boyd Hilton
Above: Stephan Tanbin Sastrawidjaja, Edward Watson and Matt Cain.

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