Friday, January 20, 2012


Sex without Her

Erstwhile History Boy and slacker star of Him & Her, Russell Tovey, is in rehearsals for a new play at the Trafalgar Studios in February. He will play a young man who cheats on his girlfriend in “Sex with a Stranger.” The three-hander also marks a return to the theatre for the creator of Him & Her, Stefan Golaszewski. "It's pretty bleak", says Golaszewski. "I wrote it with Russell in mind and sent it to him saying, 'I'd love you to be in it, but it won't be awkward if you say no'. He emailed me back within the hour to say 'yes'." The show will be directed by Phillip Breen, who has previously directed Golaszewski in his one-man plays at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Bush Theatre. The playwright will remain off-stage this time. "It's quite liberating. I can make Russell do stuff that I wouldn't want to do on stage – like taking his top off and kissing people", he says. "It's also nice to write for someone who is a much better actor than me." Golaszewski, 31, has just been commissioned to write a third series of his relationship sitcom Him & Her for BBC3 – "I'll carry it on for as long as I know I can definitely do it well. I'd hate to spoil it all by doing a really bad fourth series" – and is in talks with Film Four and the BFI about a movie of his first play, “Stefan Golaszewski Speaks About a Girl He Once Loved.”
Above and Below: Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani on TV to discuss Him and Her season two - 6th July 2011.
Below: Please click to enlarge Russell Tovey article below from Glamour Magazine.
Above: Russell Tovey 13th January 2009

Below: Russell Tovey at 'V' Music Festival Chelmsford 2010. Actress holding Russell in 2 pictures is Jodie Whittaker.

Below: Please click to see Russell Tovey in a fun interview from the days when he was filming Being Human..

Russell, did you expect the Being Human pilot to be as popular as it was?
"I had no idea. As we were making it, people were saying it's good but I watched a rough cut on the laptop and at the time I thought it was a bit dead! For me the first fifteen minutes of the pilot were not really happening, but then suddenly it kicked in and I was like 'woah!' I showed it to people and they were gripped. But no, no idea it would do so well. We hoped. Everyone was really positive and excited by it."

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