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Further Adventures Pt.21 - No.1291

"Broken Cove"

New film for Russell Tovey and Billy Boyd

IMBD info says "Broken Cove" is a thriller still “in development."


Declan O’Dwyer – Director / Writer / Producer, Tim Palmer – Cinematographer, Julian Fullalove – Production Designer, David Barrett – Editor


Russell Tovey … PC Joseph Ambrose
Billy Boyd … Father Pascal
Bernard Hill … Inspector Ambrose
Lesley Nicol … Mary Golightly
Andrew Tiernan … Alfred Hill
Linda Bassett … Ma Smith
Danny Midwinter … Sean Monaghan
Zita Sattar … Daphne D’Marco

Plot Summary

Prodigal son SMITH, returns to BROKEN COVE after the heinous murder of his delinquent brother. Armed with a tarnished reputation and a ‘list’ of names left by his deceased kin, SMITH embarks on finding the ‘truth’ about his brothers death. Intent on revenge, SMITH navigates an underworld of pornography, brutality, corruption and murder – that ultimately leads to the undeniable discovery; in BROKEN COVE nobody is innocent. Leaving him with the unanswerable question; is revenge worth dying for?
Sounds fascinating and is scheduled for release in 2013.

Above: Caffe Nero Frith Street 22-1-2012
Sohocelebspot: @Tom_in_Oz_ spotted Russell Tovey (George from Being Human) in Cafe Nero on Frith Street this morning.
sammyisawombat: @russelltovey hey please can you wish my sister @MelissaaJane_96 a happy 16th birthday? It would make her smile :)
russell tovey
russelltovey: @MelissaaJane_96 happy b day :-) x
russell tovey
russelltovey: @sammyisawombat done :-) x
A FluffTail
Tom Markstahler
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Continued from post No.1284


It was uncharacteristically wet in Oz. When Lady Cuddles Retriever Dog woke, she realised rain was softly falling on the roof but hoped it wasn’t going to spoil a fun day out with her cousins. She didn’t think anyone was up so she tiptoed down the hall but when she got to the grownup's bedroom she discovered everyone was up except for Sheila and her uncle from Bulgaria. They seemed a little surprised to see her at first but then reassured her they would be up soon and that she should go find the others to see if they were going out for the day.

As Lady C. left the bedroom she thought to herself, "Aunt Sheila seems to have a lot of uncles that come for visits!" 
When Lady got to the kitchen Snowy and Bruce were explaining to the others that because the day was wet and miserable they intended to have an exciting day at home doing things together around the house. The first thing Snowy did was a funny ventriloquist act with Bruce on his knee. 
"Snowy has been working on his act for ages," thought Lady...
She'd seen Bruce on Snowy's knees for many a day - ever since she arrived from London, in fact!
So, after the kids got tired of the comedy ventriloquist act, Snowy helped them all up and onto a lounge chair and read them a big exciting book. Apparently their owner Tom in Oz,  had a friend who ran a movie studio and wrote books. The friend called Peter, was a Lord or someone important, and was working on a new movie called "Pirates"...
But the book Snowy read to the family, was from one of Peter's earlier movies. It was about some man who liked sheep and cheese. Lady C. liked the main character though, he was a dog called Vomit.
The rain continued to bucket down so the young ones suggested they get out the laptop and play some computer games but it wasn't long before the youngsters tired of that too. Lady C. said she had better computer games back home in England - some apparently, that she played while she weed - it sounded disgusting!
To keep them occupied after lunch, uncle from Bulgaria and Sheila suggested that the youngsters could do a bit of house sitting. Kylie, Macca and Lady C. thought it was gonna be really cool! Lady said she could teach the house to "sit" because she was trained to "sit" when she was just a puppy! But after half an hour the young ones came back. Apparently the house already knew how to "sit." It sat politely all the time they were there.

They gang played cards, monopoly and charades. The grownups tried very hard to keep the youngsters occupied for the whole long wet miserable day. Just as it started to get dark their owner Tom came back and told them they were in for a lovely treat. He had 54 episodes of some show about Russell Trophy the guy with the big sticky-out ears. They gang had seen Mr Trophy recently in another show they liked where he played a hound and they sat eagerly to watch the new show.
Lady C. went up close to the TV screen at one stage to see if Mr. Trophy's blue and yellow dragon costume had a zip as she couldn't figure out how he got into it! The other's all laughed at her. But Lady C. was still mystified. So young Macca explained that Mr. Trophy was able to change shapes every time there was a full moon and that it was all explained in his documentary series "Being Human!"

To be continued...
Michael Douglas Bosc
  michaelbosc: @RussTov_FanSite ha ha that says everything about the lords 'nd ladies does Russ have a zip for the dragon suit????


Sherlock Series two DVD commentaries include comments by Benedict Cumberbatch, Lara Pulver, Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Russell Tovey.
Ep.2 S.2  The Hounds of Baskerville has commentary with Russell Tovey, Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat. 
Martin Freeman doesn’t appear on any of them because he was working on the Hobbit in NZ at time of voicing.
Gaze in your looking glass...
sweetmadameblue: Listening to the commentary for “Hounds of the Baskerville” and Russell just said: “Have you read them ones?” He’s from Essex alright!


Costume Design

Sherlock Series 2: The Hounds of Baskerville

We have reached the middle of the adventure, the story has been fantastic and exciting, and the costume designs brilliant. 
The costume designs by the lovely Sarah Arthur truly enhance the excitement of the story.  
The colour palette for most of the characters continues to be earthy, with small splashes of brighter colours. 
With the introduction of Henry Knight, his costumes bring a new layer of costume brilliance. Henry Knight played by Russell Tovey wears some great knits.
From a simple pull over to a chunky rib knit sweater, the designs for this character are very classic, casual, and functional. The knits are great for running around the moors at night and being paranoid, but in all seriousness Arthur’s designs for Knight were very solid.

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