Monday, February 6, 2012


You can’t have 'The George Sands Show' without George Sands
Above translation: A movie of the passion. The sonnet of the moonlight!

Being Human’s ‘horrendous’ death
Actress Lenora Crichlow has said filming the death scenes of co-star Russell Tovey in the new series of Being Human was ‘horrendous’.
The BBC’s series about the lives of three supernatural twenty-somethings has been a big hit on both BBC3 and online since launching in 2008. Now in its fourth series, the show is hot online today after one of the show’s original characters, werewolf George played by Russell Tovey, was killed off in the first episode of the fourth series. Co-star Lenora Crichlow, who plays a ghost called Annie, has made the news after describing filming the scenes as ‘horrendous’ and ‘fully charged, heartbreaking stuff’.

militaryandscifi1138: When I was working at the BBC (in 2009) I met Russell Tovey. He’s a pretty cool guy.
mmm_gash: Me and Russell Tovey after Sex With A Stranger, Trafalgar Studios, Saturday 4th February 2012.
russelltovey: Follow @RalfLittle he is a nob and I just jazzed on his face... X
Ralf Little
RalfLittle: @russelltovey Wow. What a shining reference. Jazzed? Was there a band present? (Good reviews today son. No surprise there.) x
russelltovey: @RalfLittle ta big R x

russelltovey: RT @bendylady: Kentish Town is home to UK's oldest City Farm & it needs saving.@russelltovey @gilescoren you're locals innit? Pls RT

russelltovey: RT @martinshippen: RT @danwooller: sex with a stranger - after party - monday, feb 06, 2012: phillip breen directs @russelltovey...

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