Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I first went to see Russell perform in "The History Boys" which played at the Sydney Theatre in 2006. Rusty is on the far left of the picture above.

James Corden the boy 3rd from the left was responsible for writing Gavin and Stacey which was a great TV comedy series which has been shown here in Oz.

The town where Gavin's parents allegedly live is Billericay Essex...Russell Tovey's hometown...apparently written into the script just to say thanks to Russell for his friendship and support. Rusty made a few appearances in Gavin and Stacey.

Russell Tovey likes to do live theatre just as much as he does TV roles.

Russell is quick witted, can improvise and makes the perfect guest on any TV show.

Rusty like so many actors started with advertisements and the picture below is from his British Gas advertisement...his first major ad was for the Heinz company when he appeared as a loving big brother caring for his younger siblings....this is the first time I remember seeing him when he was about age 13.

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