Monday, May 17, 2010


Press play for a one minute interview with Russell Tovey on how he got into showbiz:

NB.Russell was 22 at the time of interview.

Transcript: "So I've been doing this... ten years now, I suppose... oh, no, what am I? Twenty-two…Twelve years. So, ah... so, um. I went to drama club - local drama club and I became obsessed. I went every night of the week, all day Saturdays, when they did summer holiday trips away, for like Shakespeare workshops and stuff, did all that. And the woman who run it, her best mate started an agency. And I joined that. And within like two weeks, I had a small part on The Bill. And then it just kept going from there, really. But I would just... I would just say get, get down to your local drama club wherever you are and really get involved in that, and then people there will be able to advise you if you wanted to get representation [as an agent well] from an agent or, if you just want to do amateur get on the local stage, 'cause I can guarantee if you go to a local drama club, you'll be on in their local theatre within the year. 'Cause that's how, that's how it works, 'cause communities work like that, don’t they, well they do, I come from Essex and that's how it works out there."

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