Saturday, May 29, 2010


The Undercover Princess

Narrated by Russell Tovey, The Undercover Princesses is an entertaining factual entertainment series that follows the hilarious and compelling antics of three very different royals on one extraordinary quest.

This was a 9 part BBC3 reality based program shown in the UK in March-April 2010. The show was inspired by the movie "Coming To America". The princesses came from Germany, India and Africa and they were given undercover names and jobs and settled in Chelmsford Essex in the hopes they could find a boyfriend that would love them for who they are not what they are.

Russell Tovey narrated the series - why because he could add the authentic Essex accent - he comes from Billericay which is about 7 miles south of Chelmsford.

Press play the hear Russell introduce a segment on "Gabby" - Xenia Prinzessin von Sachsen, Princess of Saxony and Duchess to Saxony, b. 1986 (great-great-granddaughter of King Frederick III of Saxony).

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