Saturday, May 15, 2010


Above the pink house from Being Human - Corner of Windsor Terrace and Henry St, Totterdown, Bristol UK. Nowadays a tourist attraction.

Above is the New Found Out pub which is located at the corner of Green Street and Henry St, Totterdown, Bristol UK. This is on the opposite end of the block from the pink house.

No, it's Russell Tovey, not George Michael.

Little Boots [Victoria Hesketh] and Russell Tovey presenting NME award Feb 2010.

George (Russell Tovey) doing some naval gazing in Being Human.

Russell Tovey as John Chivery in Little Dorrit. In an interview with BBC Radio Times Russell said, "He's kind, honest, sensitive and incapable of hiding anything. Amy is everything to him, and he can't understand why she doesn't feel the same - they grew up together in this claustrophobic little world of the prison."

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