Sunday, June 13, 2010


The Sea - by Edward Bond.

On January 21st 2008 took 175 Theatregoers to the Theatre Royal to see director Jonathan Kent’s production of Edward Bond’s modern classic The Sea.
After the show Theatregoers were able to attend a post show question and answer session with director Jonathan Kent and members of the cast, including David Haig, Russell Tovey, David Burke, Marcia Warren and Mariah Gale. The Theatregoers were able to shed some light on the performance as they quizzed the actors and director about their thoughts on the play.
Russell Tovey discussed his character, Hollarcut and his relationship to David Haig’s Hatch. Tovey claimed it was clear that Hollarcut finds a father figure in Hatch which he does not seem to have at home. He claimed there is a true bond there that grows through the performance.


Louise Rafi: Eileen Atkins
Hatch: David Haig
Willy Carson: Harry Lloyd
Evens: David Burke
Jessica Tilehouse: Marcia Warren
Hollarcut: Russell Tovey
Rose Jones: Mariah Gale
Mafanwy Price: Selina Griffiths
Vicar: William Chubb
Thompson: Jem Wall
Jilly: Emma Noakes
Rachel: Sarah Annis
Davis: Philippa Urquhart

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