Friday, June 18, 2010


In 2009 Russell Tovey starred in the BBC radio series The Richest Man In Britain. It was a six part comedy about an aging rock drummer whose pop music legacy made him the richest person in Britain.

Press play for a 2 minute edit taken from the radio series with stills of Russell Tovey.

The Richest Man In Britain

BBC Radio 4


Sitcom by Nick Hornby and Giles Smith about an ageing rock star and his search for fulfilment. Trillionnaire rocker Dave Mabbutt introduces ex-lead singer Andy to his new best friend and personal assistant, Mr Tumble the elephant.


Dave Mabbutt ...... Mark Williams
Dom ......
Russell Tovey
Dave's Mum ...... Lynda Bellingham

Andy ...... Noddy Holder (from pop group Slade)
The Lawyer ...... Gus Brown.

Broadcast last quarter of 2009

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