Monday, June 21, 2010


Russell Tovey plays George Sands in Being Human.

Here is the Reader's Digest edited version of the story so far:

George is a university graduate who majored in languages and has a very high IQ. He was attacked by a werewolf while on vacation in Scotland. George has always been a sweet, insecure, neurotic, geeky, Jewish boy but now just happens to be hairy every time there is a full moon, which is 14 times a year.

George takes low paying jobs to hide from the general public and is constantly harassed by vampires other than Mitchell, his best friend, who is a reformed vampire. George and Mitchell move into a house in Bristol but the house comes with a resident ghost called Annie.

George believes he is cursed with his werewolf condition but ends up using it to save his friends from one of the nastiest vampire villains ever called Herrick. George accidentally gives his condition to girlfriend Nina (Sinead Keenan) in the process of killing Herrick.

By the end of series two we know that no matter what else happens both George and Nina are resigned to their condition and are moving forward with their relationship basically because their love conquers all.

Can viewers look forward to the patter of little furry feet in the future? Yes, it would be nice to thinks so. But how do we actually get around the prospect of mum changing back and forward into a werewolf for 9 months which also means the foetus would be crunched and reformed at least 9 times. Will it be a werewolf, if it was not scratched like it parents? If it is a wolf cub, gestation would be a few less months than a human's....Oh, so many script possibilities...

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