Tuesday, June 29, 2010


In the movie and the play of The History Boys the part that makes a grown man cry (well, in my case) is when the boys sing Bye Bye Blackbird. Being a school teacher myself that part always heightens my emotions as I hope that I too inspire my pupils to take education for more than just passing the next test to get to the next level.

I won't spoil the plot and tell you what happens but it's one of the few tracks released commercially by the cast on CD. I recall the live theatre version having more of an impact than the pristine movie mix but everyone has their own tastes and opinions.

I have edited the CD version used here down to 2 mins, changed the intro, remixed the depth of piano and voices into a "concert hall reverb mix", then added some movie stills and other associated snaps from the era, into a little tribute video. Russell Tovey is the main focus of the vision but I'm sure the other boys and Alan Bennett wouldn't mind.

Press play.

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