Monday, June 28, 2010


Modern Romance Being Human style - this is not Barbara Cartland by any means!

Boy meets girl...both work at the local hospital...he is a geeky unassuming genius, she is a pushy nurse who gets what she wants...she wants nothing to do with him!
Boy and girl go through various relationship trials (I think I love you / I think I hate you) until they realise they do in fact love each other and don't want to be non-exclusive anymore.

Boy is hiding a major dark secret from girl. He would like to tell her but can't! No, boy is not going through secret trials for entering Crufts...

Boy and girl eventually make a commitment but boy scratches girl with his cursed werewolf hands (that's the secret bit), while saving the world from a really bad vampire overlord called Herring (or something that sounds like that). Girl tries to distance herself from boy when she discovers he is a "closet" werewolf. She is confused and also a little scared by a number of his ensembles...maybe the "closet" is to blame for their relationship issues. It's not like he's gay or anything!

Girl and boy break up. Boy adopts a whole new family on the rebound because he'd like to be "normal" for a change...until the family discover he is a werewolf...and he is rejected yet again and besides that the little girl has an aversion to the liver paste sandwiches the boy keeps making!

Meanwhile, the girl realises that she misses the boy intensely. She is now a fully fledged werewolf due to being scratched and goes to the local werewolf clinic to get "cured" - the Nurofen tablets are just not working! At the clinic they try experiments to use up the girl's "wolf energy". The girl spends countless hours running inside a super-sized tumble dryer...

The boy has been rejected so many times he accepts an invitation by a kindly vampire temptress to rest his weary bones on/in her...(?) He is happy for a few passionate moments but realises that she is not the perfect fit for his needs...she has a hole in her soul...much bigger than the ones you'd find in a Polo!

Boy and girl reunite under difficult circumstances but vow to keep moving forward together. Girl tries to convince boy to go with her to see the men at the clinic to help "fix" both of them. Boy asks if they could also help him coordinate his outfits, so once more he could walk tall in public. Girl reassures him he can be "cured" as long as he burns the corduroy outfits!

Boy sleeps on this idea. He is sick of destroying the contents of his house on nights with a full moon... so, eventually he goes along to clinic to support his girlfriend. Boy often dreams while changed into a werewolf that he spends his nighttimes eating marshmallows only to wake up in the morning to notice all his lounge cushions are missing!

Boy goes to clinic with girl to await their time to be "cured". Girl does a last minute dental hygiene check on boy. She asks boy what the white fluffy stuff is that's in the gaps of his teeth?

Boy and girl discover the clinic is a front for a bunch of baddies who have lured them there under false pretenses. They watch a monitor and see various henchmen raiding the boy's closet taking all his good corduroy.

The boy and girl escape the clinic in time before the baddies take everything. They go on the run and eventually make their way to Barry, Wales.
End of season two has arrived.
Boy has to survive the cold Welsh winters with only velour tops to wear. Will our happy couple ever make it to season three?
Corduroy - geek chic!
Velour - tragic!

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