Monday, June 28, 2010


It's that time of the month again!

Werewolf appliances and prosthetics used in Being Human for transformation scenes involving Russell Tovey - Russell does a lot of nude scenes in this show to capture the authentic essence of his character George.

Actor Robson Green will guest star in Being Human season three. Robson plays opposite Russell Tovey and Sinead Keenan who are the resident werewolf stars. Robson is also known for not shrinking away from nude scenes and has done a couple of shows where his bottom was on the line - Russell will have a bit of stiff competition in this series. It will be a battle of the buns - a hairy bun fight...

Press play to see Marcus Whitney applying season three makeup on a werewolf victim...yummy peppermint flavoured blood!

Below is one of the resultant werewolf injuries as made by Marcus.

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